Friday, May 10, 2024

~A Peek Into Our Week

We celebrated Justin's 18th birthday.  He is such a wonderful son, and I am blessed to be his mother.

Megan gave me an early mother's day gift.  It is a skin care fridge.  It is not something I would have purchased for myself, and I truly love it.  I filled it with some face care items I had on hand.
I cleaned and decluttered a storage closet in our basement.  It feels so nice to have everything neat and tidy.
I organized my little sew box.  As soon as my tan thread arrives I will be mending a pair of my husbands pants.
I went through my closet and pulled out the items of clothing that I don't wear.  I would rather donate them and let them go to a person who will enjoy them more.

 It is a beautiful spring morning.  I have the windows open and am enjoying the fresh air and the songs of the birds.  It truly is the simple things that bring my heart the most joy.

Thank you for stopping by my little space.  May God keep you in His loving care.  Hugs to you.  ~Juli

Friday, May 3, 2024

~A Thought On My Heart


Today I would like to share a little thought on my heart.  On my own personal walk with Christ, I have prayed for myself to have a closer daily walk with the Lord.  I want to live my life being close to Christ in my everyday moments of life.  

I am a homemaker now for many years.  When I do my work each day, making meals, doing laundry, cleaning, organizing and being here to cheer my family and give them unconditional love, I can offer each of these things to the Lord.  In this way it makes my Earthly toil a sort of living prayer, and helps me to walk with the Lord from moment to moment in my life.  

I also offer up my sufferings as a prayer for the conversion of souls.  We all must suffer in this life, so let us not suffer in vain, when all that we are and all that we walk through can truly turn our lives into a living prayer.  

This is a prayer that the Lord put on my heart years ago, and I pray it often for myself.

Help me oh Lord to give every day to the devotion of your will.  Help me to be your servant and help others.  Help me to live a Christ centered life and give every part of myself and my life to you.  Oh Lord my precious savior, I love you Jesus, I love you Father God, I love you Holy Spirit.  Oh blessed Trinity, praise be to you.  God break my heart to what breaks yours. Show me my sin, so that I may repent.

A closer daily walk with the Lord helps us to have a true and deep relationship with God.  This is just what is on my heart this morning.  Thank you for stopping by my little space.  God bless you and keep you in His loving care.  Hugs to you.  ~Juli

Saturday, April 27, 2024

~A Peek Into Our Weeks

We are so proud of our precious daughter Megan.  She worked at five am every morning and then went to school and came home to do her homework.  I just love her so very much, and am so blessed to have her as my daughter.

Leo turned two!!!  He is the light of my life, and I love being his grandma.
Here is my daughter Lauren and her husband Victor and sweet little Leo.  
Lauren and I took Leo to an indoor play area.  He is crawling through a wooden train.  He had so much fun.  It was so neat, because I used to take his mommy there when she was just little.

Justin and Megan did indoor rock climbing.  They both made it to the top!

My parents came down for a visit and my dad made us the most delicious lasagna.  I froze the left over pieces and enjoyed it the other day!

I am so happy to be back to my blog.  I want to thank you for stopping by my little space.  May God keep you in His loving care.  Hugs to you.  ~Juli


Tuesday, April 9, 2024

~A Little Technology Break


I wanted to let those who visit my little blog know that I am going to take a technology break.  I do this from time to time, when my heart just needs a little quiet.  I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful spring time weather and can find some time for quiet and cozy moments in your days.  God bless you and keep you in His loving care.  Hugs to you.  ~Juli

Saturday, March 30, 2024

~Have A Blessed And Happy Easter

This is one of my favorite songs.  It is called It's about the cross by go fish.  It is meant to be a Christmas song, but I love to listen to it as an Easter song.  
I am so proud of my daughter Megan, she passed her boards and is now a licensed Aesthetician.  She worked very hard, working at five each morning, then going to school and working on her homework in the evening.  I just love her so very much.
I have been sick a lot lately, our family seems to be passing illness from one person to another.  When I am sick, I like to use my time reading and such.  I turn my sick bed into a sort of mini office putting all that I use front and center.  We can not control all of our hardships, but we sure can control how we react to them.  When life gives you lemons, make some sweet lemonade.
Here is my precious niece Lilah.  She is growing up so very fast.  She got bangs, and I think she looks so beautiful.  

These are my birthday dishes.  I got them many years ago and they are still a blessing to have.  (They are from Pioneer Woman.)  I always enjoy opening my cupboards and seeing the pretty colors.  I truly believe it is the little things of each day that can make our heart happy and thankful.
I made my family some no bake cookies the other day.

 I want to wish you a very happy Easter.  I love this picture that hangs in my living room.  Having a personal relationship with Jesus makes my life a beautiful place no matter what storms may be whirling around me.  Knowing that because of Him a sinner like the way I was in my youth has been washed clean by His precious blood, makes my heart so very thankful.  If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus, simply ask Him to save you.  He loves each and everyone of us, just as you are today.  He came to save sinners, so never think that you are too far gone to come to Jesus.  He died for us when we were yet sinners.  

I hope you have a happy and blessed Easter.  Take care and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.  Hugs to you.  ~Juli

Saturday, March 23, 2024

~A Peek Into Our Weeks

I have decorated my planner for spring.  It truly gives me joy to change the decor in my planner from season to season.
My sweet baby grandson Leo has learned to climb.  There is no stopping him now!
My husband and I like to go to an Amish bulk food store and order sandwiches and enjoy an old fashioned soda.  These little things add so much to my life.  I love the simple out and abouts that Steven and I go on.
Here is my spring melting basket.  I enjoy melting a wax melt in our living room from time to time.  I have always enjoyed scent from the time I was a young girl.
This is my vender wax  drawer.  I enjoy having different scents to choose from.  I went a long time without melting wax because I could not smell for a very long time after having Covid, so this is a joy to be able to smell once again.
My grandparents had one of these in their home.  I have my figurine collection on them just like grandma used to have.  I enjoy having things that remind me of all of my grandparents.  I sure do miss them and have such a thankful heart to have had the love and time they gave to me over the years they were still here.
Here are a few of the books I am reading right now.  I love to read and consider it a blessing to have my little home library.
The weather in our little town has been so lovely.  I love hearing the little birds chirping early in the morning.  It truly is the moments of every day life that bring me such joy.  I am a home body, and I truly love keeping our little house neat and tidy and caring for my family.  I love having time for cozy moments with in our little house.  I want to thank you for stopping by my little space.  God bless you and keep you in His loving care.  Hugs to you.  ~Juli

Sunday, March 10, 2024

~A Thought On My Heart

 Today I would like to share a thought that is on my heart.  I want to discuss the love and respect that we should show to one another in our family units.  When family's treat each other poorly, or talk bad about each other, it not only damages the relationship, but it can cause deep hurt.  My husband and I give unconditional love to our children and one another.  This unconditional love is more dear to my heart than  I can even express.  When one of our family members is going through a hard time, we are there for each other and are understanding if they don't choose to do exactly what we may think they should. Love should be freely given and never withheld in an attempt to make them do what we would like. We should never talk badly about a loved one just because they don't do what we would hope they would. We are not meant to judge each other, because we don't know what path someone may be walking on and we don't see their hearts.  Only our Lord see's the heart and is meant to place judgement. This world has become a place where love and respect for our fellow man is lacking, we can not control how strangers choose to treat each other, but this kind of hurtful disrespect should not be carried into our family homes because knowing that people who you love dearly are saying hateful and hurtful things about another person in the family can break family bonds that were never meant to be broken.  

This is just a thought on my heart.  I pray that as children of God, we would want to hold ourselves to a higher standard and spend our days doing His will and spreading His love, instead of becoming part of the problem in this world. When we must deal with deep hurt I think of the words Jesus spoke and it comforts my heart.  In this world you will have tribulation and trials and distress and frustration  but take heart for I have overcome the world. John 16:33 
I pray for each person who reads my blog.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by my little space.  Hugs to you .  ~Juli