Tuesday, January 31, 2017

~A Peek into Our Week~

Here is Megan and her friend Avery this morning.  This week is Catholic schools week, so they went to mass at Holy Cross and then came home to change, then they are off to Starbucks for breakfast before having to report to school.  
Yesterday was Megan's doctor appointment with the pediatric Neurologist.  She was on a super low dose of medicine before, so he doubled it, and said it is still a low dose, but he hopes it will keep her from having those scary episodes.  That would be such a blessing.
Sweet little Justin has been in bed for five days straight.  He is getting better every day, and now has no fever and is eating again.  We think he has had the flu.  I've been tending to his care and his sister Lauren comes in to keep him company a bit.
This is the book I'm reading on my Kindle.  It is really good and I plan to read more of her books.

In the evening when I read, I turn on my virtual fire place complete with the crackling sounds and am really enjoying my little lights I have in my room now.
I've also been enjoying my 1940's music.
The girls and I have been spending some time in the down stairs family room.  There is something about being in a basement that I really like.  At times when life has gotten hard, I would spend time down stairs because it just feels so safe and cozy.
Here is the wallpaper I have on my computer.  I love it!  I found it on www.wallpaperseveryday.com  They are free and have a lot to choose from.  Today I am going to try to get Justin somewhat caught up on his school work.  He has been so sick, that he has not been able to do any.  I am hoping he will be able to return to school tomorrow and it would be nice if he could have a good portion of his make up work complete.  Thank you for visiting my little space, I hope you all have a blessed week.  Hugs.  Juli


  1. Oh Juli,
    I pray you son feels better soon!
    And I love your virtual fireplace!
    So cozy!!!!
    Have a nice week...
    Rest up yourself!

  2. Hello Juli, happy to meet you today :) It was nice getting a peek into your week, those lovely days around home really are the best, although having sick ones, is not so fun! I do hope they get to feeling better soon :) Love your chosen wallpaper, those roses speak of spring, don't they! Hugs to you today :)