Sunday, December 2, 2018

~A Peek Into Our Weeks~

My planner is all decorated for Christmas!
Our little town got a nice snow fall.  

Steven and Justin hung the lights on the tree.
We had a little tree decorating evening and some help from a couple of the girls friends.
I love the cozy feel the Christmas tree adds to our little house, it just makes my heart happy.
I've been burning my Snowflake Cookie candle by Yankee.
My cousin Teri and I like to spoil each other, and she gave me this lovely aqua knit doily that she purchased on one of her travels.  It is so pretty and it will always be dear to my heart, as it reminds me of Teri.
My sweet little Lauren turned 17 years old!  She is such a special young lady, and God truly blessed our family when he gave Lauren to us.
My dear grandma Kelly said hello to me when my Mom was visiting her.  She said I have always been her baby.  I love and miss her everyday.  I think she looks so very pretty in her aqua blouse.

We decorated the front of our little house today.  I like to keep our Christmas decor pretty simple.

I like to turn on my twinkle lights on in our little kitchen.

I posted a new video on my YouTube channel giving a little tour of my vender wax drawer.  If you would like to view it, you can click on the link.

We have had a lot going on, just yesterday the girls had a dance competition, they all did such and awesome job.  We are very blessed to have a wonderful coach for the girls, she used to be a dancer at Walt Disney World.  My husband's work had a very special event in which astronauts and mission control people came.  My husband was asked to drive Jim Lovell and Fred Haise back to their hotel after the event ended.  What an honor for Steven. Our life has been busy as always, but I suppose it just makes me appreciate the cozy down time I get even more.  Thank you for dropping by my little space.  Have a cozy week.  Hugs. ~Juli

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

~November Planner Set Up

Here is my November planner set up.  I truly enjoy making my planner look festive for each new month.  It is a fun hobby of mine.  I wanted to share with you all that I will not post again until the first week in December.   I need to give all of my attention to a family matter right now.   Thank you for stopping by my little space, and I want to wish you all a very blessed Thanksgiving.  Hugs to you. ~Juli

Friday, October 26, 2018

~A Peek Into Our Week~

Last Friday we went to watch the girls dance at our local football game.  They all did such a wonderful job.  The weather was beautiful for a football game, and it was such an amazing game!  We all had a nice time.

We left our little house at 7:30 Saturday morning to go visit my family three hours away.  Our Target has closed down, so we allowed an extra hour so that we could stop by a Target and enjoy ourselves.  Justin was giving Lauren a little hug, so I snapped a photo!  

It always feels so good to pull into my parents drive, and know I'm about to see my family.  I don't get to see them often, so it is always such a treat when I do!
I was so in the moment of getting to see everyone that I forgot to take photos.  I did snap this one of Steven and Lauren with my Mom and little Reese.  My father got a meat smoker and made three wonderful meats.  My favorite was the pulled pork, it was truly the best pulled pork that I've ever tasted!  There was lots of yummy food and wonderful conversation.
Later that evening, Steven and I went to visit my cousin Teri and her husband Bill.  Their little cottage was nothing short of charming.  Teri served me coffee with half & half in a milk glass coffee mug with a red rooster on it.  Steven doesn't drink coffee, so she gave him a ice cold coke in a little glass bottle.  Teri and I had such a nice time visiting as did Steven and Bill. It was such a cozy time!
The next morning, we went to church with my parents, and after the mass was over, my Mom took us by the little church she used to go to as a young girl.  It is now an adoration chapel.  It was built in the late 1800's and was so neat to see.

My mother showed us the photo of her as a young girl that hangs on the wall.  They still have a mass once a month at this little church that my parents attend!

After church we met my sister Lori and Pradeep and Lilah at our favorite donut shop for breakfast. Lori and Pradeep treated us all to breakfast.  My nephew Liam had stayed the night at my parents house, so he joined us all as well!  It was such a wonderful time, and of course the girls were just so happy to hold little Lilah.  Saying she is adored is very accurate! 

Megan and Lauren took turns holding Lilah!
Later that Day my Mom and Lauren and Megan and I went in to town for a little shopping.  Lauren was in need of a sweater for this winter.  We also met my sister Lori and her sweet family at a Home Goods store, and Lori and Megan took a photo together.  Megan looks quite a lot like her aunt Lori, so I always think it is neat to see them side by side.  We just had such a nice time.  Then we headed back to my parents house and ate a little lunch before heading home.  

 I feel blessed to have such a loving family to make special memories with.  Thank you for stopping by my little space, and I hope that you all have a cozy weekend!  Hugs.  ~Juli

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

~Count Your Blessings~

Today I thought I'd talk about counting your blessings.  When we can focus on the gifts that God has provided for us and foster a heart of thankfulness,  then we can learn to have a spirit of gratitude and peace, and truly this is worth more than any material item that money can buy.
     I  think that so many of us just take a lot for granted.  It is good to remind ourselves often of the gifts in our lives that we forget are gifts, because we just grew up with them.  Some of the gifts that I am referring to are the following...  A place to call home that provides shelter from things such as weather and gives us a place to relax and make memories.  There are many people in this world who do not have such a place.   Climate control such as A/C or heating is a gift and a blessing that so many of us just take for granted.  Good water that we have to drink, bathe and wash dishes with that just is piped right into our homes.  So many in this world do not have such gifts.  Food to eat and a place to store and prepare it is a gift and a blessing that we have come just to expect and not even think about.  Resources such as books to read, that we can use to educate our selves, inspire us, or just take us away to another place or time is a gift that the written word can give to us unlike anything else.  Librarys where we can get our books that we want to read for free is something to be thankful for.   The ability to read is a gift, the education we had growing up that taught us things such as reading, writing and math is a gift we often times just don't even think of.  
     These are just a few examples of items that we have in our lives to be thankful for.  When we can foster a heart of gratitude for the blessings that we sometimes forget to think about,  then our entire mindset can change and we can wake up everyday and put our day to day challenges into a better perspective.   
     I thank you for stopping by my little space, and hope that you all have a blessed week.  Hugs. ~Juli

Monday, October 1, 2018

~A Peek Into Our Week~

I decorated my planner for October!  It is one of my many hobbies, it just is a fun thing to do!

I'm reading my second book in the Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries series.  I'm loving it!
As always I've been running errands here and there to get supplies we need for our little house.
This is a journal that holds a composition notebook, in this I keep a record of everything I purchase.  This helps me to be more mindful of the items I buy.  I like to be able to look back on the week and see where I did well, or could use some improvement.  

The girls went to Homecoming the other weekend.  They both had a very nice time, and looked so pretty.  Above is a photo of Megan with one of her best friends, Christian and below is a photo of Lauren with one of her best friends, Zoey.  The girls all looked so lovely.
Here is a photo of what I call my Childhood Memories Closet Museum.  It is a little collection of things from my childhood.  I will come and sit and just look at these items that just flood my mind with wonderful memories from long ago.  My childhood was such a dear time to my heart and this is just a way that I help my minds eye to keep it alive.  

Our family went to see the Christopher Robin movie the other weekend.  I am a huge Winnie the Pooh fan, so I loved it so very much.  It was done so well, and even the rest of my family adored it!

I love my little Disney guest room.  When I was a young girl we lived in Orlando,Florida for two years, so I was lucky enough to get to visit Walt Disney World often.  Those memories have lived in my heart and are such a gift to my life.  It's funny that as a child you never would guess that the moments you live will be imprinted on your heart.  The funny thing is that some of my most special memories are not of anything grand at all, just everyday little moments that turn out to be special memories.  I often think of the days my family and I spend now, how they are going to be so dear to us all as our life moves forward.  This journey of life is so full of good times and hard times that I like to remember those special moments that we are lucky enough to have shared with our loved ones. Thank you for visiting my little space, I hope you all have a blessed week.  Hugs. ~Juli 

Friday, September 21, 2018

~A few things that make my heart thankful~

Today I thought I would do a post on things in my life that I am thankful for.  Books just enhance my life, as they paint a picture in my mind like nothing else but the written word can do.  Here is the book I just finished reading.  My cousin Teri told me about this series of books called Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries.  I loved the first book and am reading the second one now.  They are made by Guidepost.  If you like Amish fiction, you should give these books a read!  
I am thankful for my knit dish cloths.  I purchase them from Etsy, as I do not know how to knit myself.  I have them in aqua and black, and have used them for years now.  They still are as good as new.  
I'm thankful for the little cubbies that are in our home.  I use them mostly to hold shoes, but the top shelf I use for my planners, and it is such a blessing to have a special place to keep them.

I still feel so very blessed to have gotten my birthday dishes a few years ago.  They are pioneer women and they have held up very well over the years.  Of course the fact they are in aqua and red makes my heart very happy!
I am thankful for these little vintage avon lotion jars.  I keep them all over the house and fill them with my favorite hand lotion.  They remind me of my grandma Smith, because she used to purchase these little lotion jars from Avon.  I remember loving looking at them when I would go over to her house.  I love using items that spark those dear childhood memories in my everyday life. 
I love my candles and wax melts.  They are truly one of my favorite hobbies.  Burning a candle gives a feel of instant cozy to any space.  Having the sweet scent of a wax melt that permeates through out my little home, just truly makes my heart happy.

My main planner is such a blessing to my life.  This planner truly helps me to keep on task with my daily to do's, as well as keep my family's schedule.  Each night before I go to bed, I make a list for the next day with everything I need to accomplish and any appointments or tasks that my children have as well.  I like to decorate it for special occasions and just to change up the look. It is totally unnecessary, but it truly gives me joy.
I am thankful for our little house that keeps my family cozy and gives us a place to make memories and just relax and get away from the stress of the world.  
Here is Justin the other night, he is such a loving son.  My family is truly my greatest blessing.
I am thankful for our trampoline.  The children love to spend time out back on it.  Here they are the other night.  Megan was laying down while Lauren and Justin bounced around her so that she would bounce.  Children of all ages have enjoyed this.  Even Tristyn and his wife Kaylee get on it once in a while!
I am thankful for the spirit of Christmas.  I enjoy thinking of all the good childhood memories that this sweet holiday evokes in my heart.  I love Christmas music and truly all things Christmas.  It is no surprise that Jesus birth brings such peace to my soul.  Thank you for stopping by my little space.  I hope that you all had a good week and will have a blessed weekend as well.  Hugs.  ~Juli