Tuesday, February 21, 2017

~A Peek Into Our Week~

My new Yankee candle arrived in the mail yesterday.  I had been waiting for this one to be released.  I thought I would have to wait until March.  I love this one!
Here is a photo of Steven and I on our way to Lawrence this last weekend. 
On the drive down to Lawrence, we stopped at Cracker Barrel for some soda and candy.  (We had already had lunch and just felt like a little snack.)

Here is Lauren enjoying her soda.  It was a beautiful day, so we sat on the rockers outside and listened to music.
Megan and Justin played a game of Checkers.

Here are the little treasures I brought back with me from Lawrence.  The candle I found for a great price at Bed Bath & Beyond.  The stickers were from Hobby Lobby.  My Mom and my Cousin Teri and I all went to McDonald's for coffee and then to Hobby Lobby.  I had such a nice time.  I wish I lived closer to them, so we could spend more time together.  They are both ladies that I truly feel blessed to call family, and that I look up to.

Here are the cupcakes that Lauren and her friend Britney made for their friend the other day.
We stopped at a little Coffee shop in Wamego, Ks.  They actually roast their own beans.  I bought a bag to take home with me.
I decorated my little cookbook with some sparkly blue paper and stickers that I got at Hobby Lobby.  I think it looks so cute.

Here is the little paper clip that I got from Etsy for my organizer.  I think it is so cute.  This has been such a nice week.  I loved going to Lawrence to see family and friends.  We got to spend time with my sweet little niece Sarah.  I also got to briefly see my niece Madison and my brother Matt.  My nephew Liam came to spend the night with Justin, so they had a nice time.  I got to hang out with one of my best friends, Angelina also.  It was so much fun, I hated it to end.  Lauren got her hair cut, and she got side bangs.  It looks really good on her!  I will have to get her to let me take a photo, so I can put it on my blog.  Well, I better get going on my house work and have some breakfast.  I hope you all have a cozy week.  Hugs.  Juli

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

~A Peek Into Our Week~

This is the candle that I choose to burn for Valentines Day.  It made our little home smell like Chocolate.  This is a very yummy and strong scented candle.
I thought Sugar Berry would go nicely with the Chocolate Scented candle, so this was the wax than I melted on Valentines day in our little home.
Here is the children's Vaentine treats.  There of course was one for each of the children and for our grown children, Tristyn and Kaylee.  (I give them stocking also at Christmas time.)

Here the the photo my daughter Megan made me have taken.  I like it because it is me in my night gown that my sweet sister Lori gave to me.
I added twinkle lights to both of my shelves in our little kitchen.  I really like the look of the little twinkle lights.  In case anyone wonders,  I found them at Walmart by the candle and flower section of our store.  I believe they were only around $5.00 each.
We purchased some Girl Scout cookies.  The little girl that we got them for did not have the peanut butter patties.  However, Kaylee worked with a gal whose daughter was selling them and we were able to get some of those as well!

Here is Megan's little room.  I just love the cozy feel of it.  I even like her bed spread now that it has the little throw at the bottom and the teal pillow cases.  
Steven and I went out for lunch in Yoder at the Carriage Crossing.  It is a good restaurant,  with home made style food.  I always get the fried chicken, mashed potato's and gravy and baked beans.  So yummy!

 I love  to look at the little gift shop after we eat our meal.  I found a few wax melts that I had to bring home with me!
This last week I burned my Honey Dew candle as well.  I consider burning my candles and melting wax a hobby of mine.  My daughter Lauren says it's an addiction.  LOL  Today I have to work on laundry and just do my normal tidying up in our little house.  We are heading to Lawrence this weekend.  I am so excited to see my family and friends.  Today I need to wrap my parent's Christmas gifts, because we are just now giving them to them.  It should be a fun filled weekend.  It will be nice for Steven to get away also.  He has just been so busy working and will really enjoy a break.  It is nice, he loves going to visit my family.  I am blessed that they have always gotten along quite well.  Well, I better get going on my laundry.   I hope you all had a nice Valentines Day and have a great rest of your week.  Hugs.  Juli

Monday, February 6, 2017

~A Peek into Our Week~

Here is my little fella, Justin at the doctor's office last Thursday.  We tried to send him to school Thursday morning, but he did not do well, so they sent him home.  I went ahead and took him to the doctor, because he had been sick for so long.  I wanted to make sure it was not more than just the flu.  I'm glad I did.  They tested him for Mono, and it was positive.  He was so brave when they took his blood.  They also did a chest x-ray to make sure that looked okay, and thank the Lord,  it did.  He was not allowed to go back to school until today.  He will not be able to do any physical activity for a month because the spleen gets enlarged a lot of times with Mono, and it can cause it to bleed if they get hit in the stomach or do too much physical activity.  He was out of bed all day yesterday, so I felt a peace in my heart that he will do well in school today.  
Here is Lauren cheering at a Pep Rally at her school on Thursday afternoon.  It was really neat to watch.
Steven and I were out and about on Saturday morning.  We had to stop by a tiny little Mexican grocery store to get Megan her favorite candy, and I got a cold Coke in a bottle!
I have been burning my Yankee Merry Berry Linzer candle at my desk this week.  It came out for Christmas, but it seems to be a good choice for around Valentines because the picture has Linzer cookies with little cut out hearts on them.
In my little kitchen, I've been burning my Yankee Candle in the scent of Cafe Al Fesco.  It is a really nice scent.  Kind of a vanilla coffee scent.  
I organized my little magnet collection on the side of my refrigerator.  I think they look cute!  I've loved magnets since I was a little girl.  My aunt TD always had really cute ones on her refrigerator, and I just thought they were so neat.  I'm so glad I have such good childhood memories.  I don't get to see a lot of my aunts and uncles very much anymore, but they remain in my heart.
Here is my little Peanuts calendar.  I think my love of them also stems from my childhood memories.  Good childhood memories are a gift that will last a lifetime.  I strive to try to give my own children good childhood memories.  They will stay in your heart far after the moments have passed.

Yesterday was a slow day for my son at work, so he offered to take Lauren and I around to tour the education department for the space camps.  It was really neat.  I am so blessed to have all four of my children.  Each one of them owns my heart.  I am so proud of the responsible young man my son has grown into.  

Here are a few more photos from our little tour yesterday.  Very neat stuff!
I didn't have to cook yesterday, because of the Super Bowl.  We got Pizza and Hot Wings for dinner!  It was yummy!
My husband, Steven enjoyed watching the Super Bowl.  The children and I really didn't watch it too much.  It's just not really our cup of tea.  I think it's safe to say that Steven is truly the only sports fan in our family.  The children do like to play sports, but not really watch other's do so.

The girls and I went for a little drive to the park.  We watched the little geese and enjoyed the warm day.  Today is the first day I am with out my little fella in over a week.  I hope to get my house deep cleaned today, and run a few errands.  I hope everyone has a good week.  Hugs.  Juli

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

~A Peek into Our Week~

Here is Megan and her friend Avery this morning.  This week is Catholic schools week, so they went to mass at Holy Cross and then came home to change, then they are off to Starbucks for breakfast before having to report to school.  
Yesterday was Megan's doctor appointment with the pediatric Neurologist.  She was on a super low dose of medicine before, so he doubled it, and said it is still a low dose, but he hopes it will keep her from having those scary episodes.  That would be such a blessing.
Sweet little Justin has been in bed for five days straight.  He is getting better every day, and now has no fever and is eating again.  We think he has had the flu.  I've been tending to his care and his sister Lauren comes in to keep him company a bit.
This is the book I'm reading on my Kindle.  It is really good and I plan to read more of her books.

In the evening when I read, I turn on my virtual fire place complete with the crackling sounds and am really enjoying my little lights I have in my room now.
I've also been enjoying my 1940's music.
The girls and I have been spending some time in the down stairs family room.  There is something about being in a basement that I really like.  At times when life has gotten hard, I would spend time down stairs because it just feels so safe and cozy.
Here is the wallpaper I have on my computer.  I love it!  I found it on www.wallpaperseveryday.com  They are free and have a lot to choose from.  Today I am going to try to get Justin somewhat caught up on his school work.  He has been so sick, that he has not been able to do any.  I am hoping he will be able to return to school tomorrow and it would be nice if he could have a good portion of his make up work complete.  Thank you for visiting my little space, I hope you all have a blessed week.  Hugs.  Juli

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

~A Peek Into Our Week~

In our little kitchen, I've been burning Root Beer Float by Yankee Candle.  It smells so yummy!

I finally ordered the bread box I had been wanting from Amazon.  I actually have two bread boxes, but my other one I use for my coffee.
As always, I've been making home made food.  Here are some home made hashbrowns to go with Steven's Sunday breakfast.

Here is Justin one evening doing his homework.  He is such a smart little fella.  He got into the spelling bee, so I am excited to go watch him.
Here is Lauren helping Megan with her math.  They both tested into advanced math class in the 7th grade.  
I've been enjoying a bit of relaxation in my room this week.  I like to put on a winter video on my TV and play my new CD.
This is my new CD.  I love it.  It is music from the 1940's.  I got the idea for it from grandma Donna's blog.  
This last weekend, Steven and I went to our usual place to eat lunch.  We pretty much have a weekly date there.  Once in a while we try something new, but for the most part we stick with Quadoba's.
I took Justin out for his favorite meal this last weekend too.  He seems to never get tired of Fazzoli's.
I have been working on decorating my desk area.  I wanted to make it look a bit more cozy.  I found this website called http://wallpaperseveryday.com/ that has quite a few cute and free screensavers.   I really like the roses.     I've been just working on different drawers in our house this last week.  I organized our tool drawer, and of course I worked on my desk drawers.  It feels good little by little to let things go, and then organize the things you really love or need.  I have been doing a lot of reading and of course watching YouTube videos to help me come up with ideas for organizing our little home, or simply to get inspired to declutter and clean.  Lauren has been sick the past couple of days, but seems to be feeling better today.  We all just have kept passing sickness back and forth to each other.  So far Steven has still not gotten sick, I hope and pray he doesn't.  He is busy as always with his job and the apartments.   Next month we will be taking a trip down to Lawrence to visit family and friends.  I'm so excited as I did not get to go down at Christmas.  I miss them all so much.  I think I will have a cup of coffee.  I hope you all have a nice week.  Hugs.  Juli