Friday, April 14, 2017

~A Peek Into Our Week~

This week has been pretty busy around our little home.  The children have been busy with school and their activities.  Steven has been busy with work.  I have been practicing the art of candle and wax melt making as well as my duties at home. As you can see,  our little kitchen is sporting some new Pioneer Woman curtains.  I am so in love with her products.  They are a good price and wonderful quality items.  
This is the hand poured soy candle I made this morning.  It is a 16 oz. candle that I call Aunt Bee's Strawberry Jam.  Can you tell that I like the Andy Griffith show.  I thought I would create a line called The Mayberry Collection.  I am getting so excited about my wax.  I can't wait to get the real labels.  When I feel good enough, I plan to start a little on line candle web store.  I have never done anything like this, but I love wax so much, and have the time; so I figure why not give it a try.
There is a lot that I have to figure out before I am ready to go forward with this.  
This is one of my favorite scents that I have made so far.  It is Banana, and it smells so good!
Speaking of Banana, I made Steven a Banana Cream Pie last week.  This is a really good recipe.  I will share it Monday in my "The Keeper of Home Series"  My friend Cathy gave the recipe to me, and it is a keeper!!!
Just so you don't think all I make is junk is one of the meals I made last week.  LOL  It is marinated pork roast, home made bread and green beans.
Here is the home made bread cooling on the stove top the other afternoon.

When my parents came for a visit the other weekend, they gave me the red ice cream sign.  I love the retro dinner type look to it!  
I melted a rocket pop wax melt by Hayden Rowe.  It smelled yummy!!!
This is an 8 oz candle I made for Megan's room in a coffee scent.  You can't see in this photo, but the jar has a quilted pattern.  So cute!
This next week is going to be full of celebration for us, as it is Tristyn's wedding.  We are excited.  It will be such a emotional day to watch my first baby get married.  I know I will be crying a lot, but they will be happy tears.  It's a blessing to watch your children grow and become happy, well rounded, creative people.  (Did I mention Tristyn is writing a fiction book?)  We are looking forward to seeing loved ones and friends as well.  Well, Steven is wanting his dinner, so I best get busy.  Have a great weekend.  Hugs.  Juli

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  1. Good Morning, Juli ... I love your sweet little kitchen and those curtains are just perfect. Oh my goodness, I just love your thoughts on your candles and wax melts. It sounds like so much fun and something that you would love doing. The Mayberry Collection, how perfect! We must have been thinking along the same line. I made Bill a Banana Cream Pie this past week as well. It is his very favorite kind of pie. That loaf of bread looks yummy ... love that glass loaf dish. Your kitchen wall art is so cute. How fun it must be to spend time in your homey little kitchen. Trystyn's wedding and his writing a book ... so much going in your life as of now. Have a blessed Easter and a wonderful week ahead. Hugs ♥ Teri