Friday, April 28, 2017

~Tristyn & Kaylee Green's Beautiful Wedding~

The day before the wedding, was the rehearsal dinner.  It was a nice time and the wedding party were so cute!

 Here are Lauren and Megan wearing the Bridesmaid robes that sweet Kaylee got for them.
Here is Tristyn and his two brothers Tovi and Justin before the wedding.  Three handsome fellas.
Here are two of my nieces, Sarah and Madison, and Madison's wonderful boy friend Brad before the wedding.
Here is a photo of Tristyn with his Mom (me) and his Father (Bryan) before the wedding.  I regretfully did not get a photo of Tristyn with Steven and I.  Steven was busy for so much of the wedding making sure everything was running smoothly. 
Here is a photo of My Mother and Sarah and my sister in law Michelle before the wedding.
Here is a photo of Tristyn watching Kaylee walk down the Isle.  
The moment I saw Kaylee, the tears started to flo.  She was such a lovely bride.

It was such a precious moment in time to watch them get married.  I am so blessed to have such two amazing young people to love.  I truly love them both, and am so very proud of how amazing they are.  My heart just overflowed with love.

And then the kiss...
Here are Tristyn and Kaylee walking into the reception room as Mr. and Mrs. Green
Here they are sitting with the wedding party.
Here is my family in line to get food.
Here are two of Tristyn's best friends.
Here is a better photo of the wedding party.
Here is a little photo of the dinner tables.
Here are the girls with Steven.  
Here is a photo of Tristyn and I.  I was a proud Mommy.
Here is one of my best friends Angelina and Megan.
Here are Angelina and Lauren.
Here is Angelina and her son Marquix being silly.  Marquix and Tristyn have been friends since they were in dipars.
Here are Tristyn and Kaylee dancing at the wedding.  If you would like to watch a video of them dancing, it is on my Youtube channel.  The link is:  Not sure if you can just click on it or not.  If you copy and paste it, you should be able to get there.  I cry everytime I watch this.

Here are photos of Tristyn and Lauren dancing. 

Here is Tristyn dancing with his sister Megan. 
Here are Tristyn and Marquix.  What two handsome wonderful young men!
Here are Steven and I.  I am so blessed to have such a loving husband.  He is truly amazing and is such a good guy.  
Here are Megan and Lauren with sweet little Lilah.
Here are Megan, Lauren, Lilah, Madison and Sarah.  Such beautiful girls inside and out.

Tristyn and I had a Mother, Son dance.  We danced to the song China Roses by Enya.  This is a song I used to play for Tristyn when he was just a baby.  
Here is Tristyn dancing with his sister Nava.

Then there was the dollar dance.  It was so fun to watch everyone.
By the end of the night my feet were killing me.  So my Mom offered to trade me shoes.  She struck a cute little pose when she put them on.  I actually love this picture of my parents.
It was a beautiful wedding and a moment in time that will live on in my heart for ever.  


  1. Oh my goodness!!!!
    What a beautiful wedding!
    And two young people so clearly very much in love!
    You, my dear, looked stunning!
    I am so happy for you all.
    The cake looks amazing too! : )

  2. Good Morning, Juli ... I loved seeing all of the pictures that you have shared here. Such a lovely wedding. I am sure that you are one proud Mother. I hope that you have a nice weekend. Hugs ♥ Teri