Thursday, May 4, 2017

~A Peek Into Our Week~

I burned our Fudge Ripple Candle in our little kitchen last night.  I just love the look of a candle in the evening, so cozy.
There was the prettiest rainbow the other day.  We have been getting a lot of rain in our little town.
I melted this sample fro Hayden Rowe in my little Disney room.  It was nice scent for that room.
I tried a combination of Love Spell and Sugared Lavender Twist.  It was awesome!
I made these Cheese quesadillas the other day.  I got the flour tortillas at a little Mexican food store and used a special cheese.  They were really easy to make and quite yummy.  Of course I served it with a dollop guacamole.
Here is the cheese I used to make the quesadillas with.  I found it at Walmart.  
Here is a photo of Lauren and Megan the other night.  They were about to go see a movie.  
Megan has been busy with Track.  Steven and I were able to attend her home track meet.  Here is a photo of her running.  One of Steven's friends sent him a video on youtube of her running hurdles.  She is quite fast and very good.  (She gets that from her Daddy.)  If you would like to view the youtube video, here is the information to put in the address bar.    She is the girl on the far left in red.
I've been pretty busy this week with house work, laundry, making meals, helping with homework, running errands and such.  This week has pretty much flown by.  I am so excited because right now as I type this, my sweet niece Sarah is having her baby.  We are going to visit this weekend for my other niece's graduation from dental hygiene school's dinner party.  Tristyn and Kaylee are going down also.  So we will get to meet Sarah's little baby girl.  I can't wait to see everyone.  When they send me pictures, I will post them on my blog.  I hope you all have a happy is almost here!  Also, tomorrow is Justin's 11th birthday.  So we will be celebrating that.  Have a great weekend.  Hugs.  Juli 

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  1. Hi Juli!
    Love your cozy touches in your home. : )
    I had no idea they had that special cheese!
    Thanks much for that!
    Have a wonderful Friday with the birthday boy!