Wednesday, May 10, 2017

~A Peek Into Our Week~

Our youngest child, Justin turned 11 years old on May 5th.  We celebrated his birthday by having a few of his buddies over.  
Here are some of the birthday cupcakes I made for Justin's class at school.
Here are Max, Christian, Justin and Malachi at Olive Garden while we were waiting to be seated.
Here is our little table.  It was nice that we kind of had our own little room.  (Really nice with four little boys...LOL)
Here is a photo of my dinner.  I always get the same thing.   After the meal, Steven took the boys to see a movie.  
The next day, we headed to Lawrence to visit my family.  Here is my great niece Reese.  She is so sweet and tiny.   I know Sarah is going to be a wonderful mother.  What a blessing babies are!
We went to my sister Lori's home to visit before heading to visit my Grandma Kelly and then headed on to Madison's graduation party.
Here is Madison, the guest of honor, with Lauren, Megan and Justin.  Madison graduated from Dental Hygiene school.  I'm so proud of her.  She is such an amazing young lady.
Here are four lovely ladies that I love and adore.  Megan and Lauren with my two sisters, Lori and Tricia.
Here are Lauren and Megan with Lori and Pradeep.  I just realized I don't have a photo of my sweet little niece Lilah.  I will have to share one that my sister sent to me.
Here is my sweet girl.  I sent her a card with some stickers inside, and she loved them.  I actually have a care package to send her today.  I got her quite a lot of neat stickers and a little sticker book.  She is just so wonderful.  Oh how I wish I lived close to my family.
Look at this little cutie.  This is my sister in law, Michelle's little 8 week old nephew.  What a cutie pie!
The next morning we met Lori and Pradeep at Muncher's Bakery for breakfast.  My nephew Liam joined us as well.
My brother met us at the little coffee shop in Wamego to get Liam.  I wanted to get a couple bags of my favorite coffee.
This shop is called Paramour and you can actually order this coffee on line.  However they didn't have this particular blend the last time I ordered.  Although the kind I ordered was still quite good.  
Here is a box I got in Lawrence to keep some special photos that my Mother gave to me.  It is my new special keep sake box.  I put Tristyn and Kaylee's wedding invitation in it as well.  I think it is nice to have a pretty box to keep special things.  The girls and I did some shopping while we were in town and found quite a few neat things.
My Mom gave me these two little figurines that had been in my grandma's house.  I put them on my night stand with the two books used to carry the rings in Tristyn and Kaylee's wedding.  


We hung the curtains that my mother sewed for Lauren's room.  She is such a good grandma and mother.  We are truly blessed.
Here is what I was melting in my little Disney room the other night.  This is called Pink Lavender Mallow, and it is a good night time kind of scent.
We had an exciting week.  Full of reasons to celebrate.  Life is what we make of it.  We can not control what the outside world does...but we can make our own little worlds a beautiful place, if we choose to.  I suppose I better get busy.  I still have a lot of work to do around our little house today, and a few errands I need to run.  Have a wonderful rest of your week.  Hugs.  Juli


  1. That was a BUSY week! But a good one!
    And those babies, so sweet!

  2. I was in seventh heaven getting to be around those babies! Thanks for stopping by my little space. Hugs. Juli

  3. A busy, happy week indeed!!
    Happy Birthday to your little guy!
    And ohhhh that baby girl!!!!
    Such lovely, and true thoughts, my friend. : )