Wednesday, June 28, 2017

~The Keeper Of Home Series: Updated Home Organization System~

Today, I would like to share my updated home organizational system.  I have changed the planners that I use, to make it a more user friendly system for me both at home and on the go.  I now use the filofax Domino both personal and pocket planners.  These are more cost effective than my Erin Condrin planner, and just work better for me.  
I keep my personal Filofax on my living room cubby shelf.  This makes it really easy for me to look at throughout my day.  The larger one seen in this photo will be used when I start my wax business.  
This is the pocket sized planner that I keep in my purse.  This way I have my planner for on the go.  It is not as in depth as my personal planner, but I keep the family's scheduled appointments and places they have to be inside of it.

On the outside of my personal planner, I keep my daily lists.  This way my day stays on track.  For my daily cleaning, I pretty much do the same everyday, so I don't break that down into individual tasks.  If there is something extra I need to do as far as cleaning or organizing, often times I will add that to my daily list.
I like this organizer, because I can keep my lists on the outside to easily look at and check off tasks as my day goes on.  I also keep a list of weekly goals and things that need to be done, but are not scheduled for a certain day.  I like to use washi tape, stamps and stickers and make little bullet boxes to check off when completed.  It just makes me happy to have my list look cute.
Inside I have my dashboard that reminds me of one of my favorite old movies, and a contact card.
I have a bookmark that can mark the week I'm on, so I can easily turn to the page.  I get most of this from Etsy.
I also like to use washi, stickers and stamps inside my planner.
This is the dashboard that I have before I get into my goals list for 2017 and my money budget written out. 
Next, I have my contact information for my family and friends complete with addresses and phone numbers.
Lastly, I have blank paper in case I need it.
At the very back of this planner, I keep stickers and a little post it pad.
I also keep a highlighter and some colored pencils for making my lists and adding tasks to my planner.
Here is the inside of my pocket planner that I keep in my purse.  The girls and I have a dream of going to Paris one day, so I found this dashboard on Etsy that reminds me of that dream.  I also keep a contact card in case lost.
Behind the dash board, I have created a little Emergency contact card, with my husband's information on it.

I don't use a check book, but I do use my visa check card all of the time, this is how I keep track of what my balance is in my food account.  I ordered these on Etsy, but I have taped four of them onto a sheet of paper, and will make my own as I run out of them.  I purchased the most awesome hole punch on Amazon that converts the sizes of holes to the A-5 planner, Personal planner and Pocket sized planner, it has one other size, but I'm not sure what planner that one goes to.  It was only about 17 dollars and is on prime.  It is from Japan and is called Open industrial 6 hole punch, in case anyone would like one.
Then of course I have my calendar to carry with me.
I also have my monthly dividers that I purchased off of Etsy.  I like having the months easy to flip to.  I also finally received my monthly dividers for my personal sized planner as well.
I have a notes section and a contact section in this as well.
The contact section is my favorite, in case I need a friends information on the go, and my phone is dead, or heaven forbid lost.
Last, I have a little note book inside that I write all of my purchases.  I am trying to curve my spending, and this is a way that helps me to reflect and see if what I purchased was a want or a need.

 I carry a small purse, but this pocket planner fits very well.
Here is a view of it inside of my purse.
I like the way I have tweaked my home organizational system.   I think this system will be the one I use for years to come.  One of the key things to running a well tuned home, is not only doing a daily list of tasks, but keeping everyone's schedule's straight.  I have used some form of an organizer since I was a child.  I have a youtube video of my organization system up in case anyone would like to view it.  It is at this web address, just copy and paste    I found this photo of Paris that I am using as my Phone's screen saver right now.  How lovely.  Well I hope you're all having a good week so far.  Hugs.  Juli

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