Saturday, January 7, 2023

~A Peek Into Our Weeks

Our sweet baby grandson Leo enjoyed watching some of the K-State game with his grandpa.
I have been working on organizing my little closet.  
I decorated my planner for Valentines day and a little nod to the new year.
When my health is not good, I take to bed and enjoy watching YouTube.
I am reading book #29 in the Sugar Creek Amish Mysteries series.

 When I was a young girl I always loved my grandmother's little lotions from Avon.  This gave me the idea to use vintage avon jars and fill them with my favorite Jergens  hand lotions and put them around my home.  

My health has not been the greatest since I got covid almost two years ago, but I won't let that steal my joy.  I like to focus on my blessings and not let my hardships tarnish my Joy.  I lean on Jesus every day of my life and I know he is truly with us all, even in times of great trouble.  I want to thank you for taking time to stop by my little space.  God bless you and keep you in His loving care.  Hugs to you.   ~Juli


  1. I’m sorry to hear about your health. I pray this year will be the year you regain back what Covid took from you.

    A good idea with the old Avon bottles! Pretty picture of your nightstand and your little grandson. God bless

  2. Juli, I pray you feel better every day, but until then, keep doing what you are doing, caring for yourself. Your closet looks amazing! Have a cozy day, my lovely friend. You inspire me!

  3. Juli, you are a blessing and an inspiration. I’m thankful I found your blog. We have such similar loves. I collect vintage Avon bottles and vintage hankies…some were my mom’s. They bring back sweet memories. I think our illnesses (physical or mental) make us lean more on the Lord. I saw the most beautiful picture of the Virgin Mary on FB today. Wish I could share it with you. I collect the little statues of her because they’re so serene and the colors so lovely.
    Lord bless you,

  4. I'm so sorry your having long term COVID
    Health problems.
    I have had it twice in the last ten months! Take care of yourself,rest when you need to . Stay warm and snug in your cosy home.

  5. I pray you feel better soon!❤️