Sunday, April 17, 2016

~A Snap Shot of Our Week~

Both Justin and Megan had their spring concert for school this week!  It was so cute and all of the children did such a nice job!

I finally got some photos of Megan's volleyball team.  They had their last two games this weekend.  They were undefeated!  The two coaches have been coaching the same girls for years and are very good!
This week Steven got sick, and was in bed for two days straight.  He pretty much never gets sick, but when he does it seems to hit him pretty hard.  He is still not feeling very well even today.  We are hoping this passes soon.  He went to a walk in care clinic today, but they said it was a virus, so no medicine was prescribed.  Lauren and Justin both had soccer games this weekend.  Our Saturdays are pretty busy with all three of the younger children in sports.  Today is a lazy Sunday in our little home.  Megan is at a friends house for a play date, and everyone else is just relaxing.  It is a rainy day outside, and all of the little birds are singing.  It is nice to get some much needed rain.  That is a little snapshot of our week.

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