Tuesday, April 12, 2016

~Some of My Favorite Things~

This little penguin used to be my son Tristyn's baby penguin.  When Tristyn was a little boy, he loved penguins.  He had two special penguins, baby penguin and Moma penguin.  Tristyn's father and I were divorced, and his father moved very far away.  This made it where Tristyn had to travel by plane to see his father.  When he was young, this was very hard for him.  (and me as well)  What we would do is he would take Moma penguin with him and I would keep baby penguin.  Then when we would talk on the phone and such, we would say how much they missed each other.  He once wrote a paper for school telling about it.  It was just a little thing we did that meant a lot to both of us.  Years later when Tristyn was moving out of our home and into his own apartment I shed quite a few tears.  He was gathering all his items to take to his new place late into the night.  The next morning, I opened the door to his room and found it pretty bare, but there on his entertainment system sat baby penguin.  I cried my eyes out.  When Lauren awoke that morning, she said Tristyn wanted to make sure you got baby penguin.  He kept Mama penguin.  It is just something that touches my heart so deeply.  Children are the greatest blessing that anyone could have.  Being my children's mother means the world to me, and I love taking care of them.  They grow up and fly, which is a good thing, but hard to let them go at the same time.   I just thought I would share one of my favorite things. 

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