Saturday, May 28, 2016

I'm reading a book called Plain Wisdom that was written by an old order Amish woman and a Englisher women, who are friends.  It's very good so far!
My Mother told me a great way to get stains out of your carpet.  It works for most all of the stains I had in my carpet.  What you need is a iron with an extension cord, a empty spray bottle, (I found one at Wal-mart for under a dollar.) a light colored older towel and some ammonia.  You use half parts water and half ammonia and mix it in your spray bottle.  I usually make it about a cup at a time.  Next you get your iron very hot and turn it off the steam mode.  You go up to the stain and squirt it with your spray bottle till it's good and wet.  Then, take your towel and place it over the wet stain.  Next, iron over the stain for about a minute.  Hold it in place and then just kind of move it pressing down while you do.  then lift the towel and spray a bit more from your spray bottle and use the towel to scrub it out.  My carpets look sooooo much better now.  It works better than anything else I've ever tried.  They say to test your carpet in a small area first, no problems on my carpet, but it doesn't hurt to be safe.

 Steven and I went to Megan's 6th grade promotion breakfast last week!

This was Megan and some of her friends on the last day of grade school ever!!!

Then we had her actual promotion ceremony at church.  My baby is growing up so fast!

 I got a new Utensils container that matches my Kitchen, and a new colander!  They are both from Wal-mart and are the pioneer woman brand.  I love her stuff!
We have been eating a ton of fresh fruit as of lately.  The children eat it about as fast as I can buy it!
This is a photo my aunt Debi gave me years ago of my Grandpa and Grandma Smith.  I love it and I miss them.
I got a new Better Homes and Garden strawberry scented candle!  It smells so nice.  I also took my Christmas tree down, as I finally got all the decorations from Amazon.  I did miss the sparkle, so I put a fake tree with white lights there, and I really love it.  I love my little basement family room.  It just feels so cozy and it's so sparkly.  :)  Which is something I love.  My husband likes to watch his sports on the big tv up stairs, so I just hang out in my little girl cave!

I found on Amazon these videos called the Window Channel.  This one is of Colorado, I really like having these kinds of things on my TV.  They are pretty and soothing.

Lauren and Megan both had sleep overs last night, so everyone but me is still sleeping.  Poor Steven had to drive to the movies at 12:40 last night.  I figure he needs to sleep in!  Have a good week.  


  1. Love this look around your lovely home!!!!
    I adore the new kitchen accessories. : )
    And I too always have a little lit tree or cozy!
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Hi Juli ... I always love hearing all that is going on around your sweet little home. My goodness, your children are growing up. The time just seems to go by so very quickly. Your kitchen is so cute and filled with charm. Such a nice picture of your Grandpa and Grandma. Sunday Blessings ♥ Teri