Wednesday, June 22, 2016

~A Snapshot of Our Week~

Steven finally got a little rest and relaxation after a pretty long work week!

He enjoyed Father's Day!  He is truly such a wonderful father and husband, we are all very blessed.

I've been burning a lot of candles.  I bought a Better Homes and Gardens hurricane for my table that I love, and I found a brand new Yankee candle illuma lid for 50 cents at a yard sale!!!

I adore candles, but I discovered something I adore just as much.  They are called wax melts.  I had seen them for years, and never really thought I'd like them.  I love them!  They can scent my home better than any candle of any brand I've tried.  I use a glade wax melt warmer and really like it.  They only cost $10.00 to purchase.  I don't care for the glade wax melts.  What I do love is Wal-marts wax melts in the Better Homes and Gardens brand and the Scent Sationals brand.  They are only $2.00 per clam shell. (which includes six wax melts.)  I burn only one at a time and I find they last for around 10 hours.  If I only burn them for say five one day, I can turn off my melter and re-melt it the next day with a good scent throw.  I can say I am addicted to them.  I love to watch the reviews of them on youtube.  I have included three of my favorite scents.  Sugared Lavender Twits is awesome!  I like to burn it in my bathroom.  The scent travels to my bedroom, as it is near to the bathroom.  It smells pretty much just like Bath and Body Works Paris candle.  Another scent I love is Pink Velvet, it is so light and good smelling.  I burn this one in my living room.  I have four wax burners in my home.  One in each of my daughter's bed rooms and one in my living room and one in our larger bath room.  The last fragrance I want to share is Tea Thyme.  It smells like a nice hotel lobby.  It is a gender neutral scent.  I really like burning this one in my living room.  The mail lady came to my door the other day when I had it going and she said, your house smells so nice.  I love the look of candles, but the scent throw in larger rooms are just not that great, so I burn my wax melts along with having a candle lit.  If you like scenting your home, and have never tried these, they are really quite nice.
Bath and Body Works had their big sale going on and I had a 20% off coupon on top of the sale price, so their I got four of the Paris candles for about $9.00 each.  I love this scent for the bedroom, and the scent throw is really good.  I also love the picture on the front of this candle.
Okay, enough about candles and wax.  :)
I have not been reading as much since the children have been home from school, so I'm still not done with the books I was reading weeks ago.

My sweet little fella is the only child that likes to have his photo taken.  He is such a blessing in my life and is so kind and sweet to me.

I'm decorating our guest room in a Walt Disney theme.  It reminds me of good childhood memories from when I lived in Orlando for two years and went to Walt Disney World all the time.
I found some really cute Mickey Mouse fabric at Walmart, the I used on top of a little side table.  I have a little mickey Hallmark Christmas ornament on our clock.
I have a little Mickey above the closet.  I got it about seven years ago when our family went to Walt Disney World.  It used to be a key chain and it broke, I think it looks cute!
Kaylee, my son`s fiance surprised me the other night with this adorable wooden picture!  She found out I was doing the guest room in Disney, and got it for me.  I am so blessed to have such a wonderful future daughter in law.  I adore her!
Speaking of sweet adorable girls, my daughter Megan made me this picture for my guest room.  I love it so much!  She is such a great artist!
I found this cute little night light at Walmart.  Now I just need a dresser and a TV for the room and it will be almost complete.  I ordered a plush Minnie mouse to sit beside Mickey on the bed from Ebay.  I also have a really neat canvis print of Walt Disney World on the way.  The dresser and TV will have to wait for a bit as I am on a budget.  I just love making our home cute and homey.  I am excited because we plan to paint our house sometime soon.  It will be grey with black shutters.  We also want to put in egress windows in our basement bedrooms and Steven wants underground sprinkling systems in the front and back yard.  Someday I really would like a screened in porch, but we have to just do a bit at a time.  That is what we have been up to this week!


  1. So enjoyed this post, my friend!
    I am always burning candles!!!
    And a Disney themed room?!
    It looks amazing.
    Have a cozy week!

  2. I loved all that you shared here. I love, love, love your sweet little kitchen, so charming. Your Walt Disney guest room is so fun and cheery. Evening Blessings ♥ Teri