Sunday, September 18, 2016

~Our Weekend~

Here is Justin and Xavier all dressed up after picture day at school on Friday.  They look so handsome. 
A while ago Justin was given a lot of like new Nike shoes.  Normally I only buy what we need but Justin loves shoes so I let him keep them all.  He still has his toy box in his closet, so this leaves very little room for his shoes.  I saw these little shoe boxes at Wal-mart for 94 cents each and thought this could help his closet a great deal.  I also labeled his shoes so it is very easy to tell which pair is in which box easily.  
A few things have changed around my little kitchen this weekend!
Here is the before shots of my bread box and napkin holder.

Here is the napkin holder all painted in my favorite shade of blue!

Here is the finished bread box!  I should call it a coffee box, as that is what I use it for.
I forgot to take a before shot of this, but I painted it too!  
Here is the front door before...
Here is the after, it may be hard to tell in the photos, but the door is a darker shade of blue than what I painted our bread box.  I also painted the outside of the kitchen door.  Steven is painting our little house this weekend.  I will post the pictures as soon as it's all complete.

I am not a huge fan of fall candles, but I did get one.  It is called Pumkin Cupcake from Bath & Body Works.  I actually liked the label so I got the candle.  It does have a nice scent also.  I thought the lid was pretty cute.  I only burn my kitchen candles in the mornings and sometimes in the evenings or when it's a rainy day, so they actually last me quite a long time.  

Justin had a friend over Friday evening.  Megan had two friends stay the night, so as always we had a house full of children.  I love children so my house always seems to be the sleep over house.  It works out nicely due to the fact we have a nice little family room down stairs, so they have a place to entertain.  Tristyn used to always host sleep overs down stairs with two or three friends at a time.  I can't believe he is already grown up and getting ready to get married.  Time goes so very fast and I  realize just how precious the moments we get to share with our loved ones truly are.  My little Megan makes a lot of messes around the house, and it used to frustrate me, but then I thought how thankful I am to have her and I really am blessed to get to take care of my family.  I really love being a homemaker, I enjoy cleaning, organizing and tidying our little home.  I love planning meals and going to get groceries and making home made food for my family and I.  I love being free to run the children something to school if they forget it, and picking them up every day.  I even enjoy doing laundry.  Someone once asked me if I ever get bored, and honestly I always seem to have something to do, and I never really get bored.  When Justin, my youngest child started school, it was an adjustment to learn to have such silence during the day, but I did get used to it.  I still do miss them when they are at school, but feel blessed that they have such good schools to attend.  Well, I better end this post and go finish some laundry.  (My never ending job!!!) 


  1. I couldn't agree more!
    I feel the same about my vocation as a homemaker. : )
    I love the shade of blue you chose.
    And you know how I love candles!!!!
    Have a cozy evening!
    Sloppy Joes for dinner here tonight. : )

  2. I tried a couple of new recipes from that Amish cookbook for dinner tonight. I should make sloppy joes again soon, we haven't had those for a long time! Have a nice evening. Hugs