Wednesday, September 21, 2016

~My Morning~

This is the wax melt I fell in love with.  It is called Cider House Donuts.  I usually don't love fall scented wax, but this one is perfection.  It is not too sweet or spicy, it is just right.  I found this at Wal-mart.  
Now that it's fall, I've been cooking a lot more, so I've been not only using my dish washer, but also hand-washing dishes as well.  I have some dish washing gloves that I like to use to help my hands not get so dried out.  I wanted to share what my grandma Kelly uses to dry her dishes.  They are called Flour Sack Towels and you can get them at Wal-mart.  They are large, light weight and cotton and they are amazing for drying dishes.  I also use them to dust.  I picked up an extra pack at the store yesterday.
This is a free app called Kitchen Dial and it is wonderful to find out kitchen conversions in a snap.  Like how many Tablespoons in an Ounce.  It is very easy to use and I've already used it many times.

Today I am cleaning my kitchen floors.  I have had this Bissell Steam Mop for about ten years now.  It is wonderful and the steam naturally disinfects the floor with no harsh chemicals needed.  It has washable cotton pads so it is always fresh and clean.  I also washed the headboards and walls in our little Disney guest room this morning.  Our house is coming along nicely, it is painted grey with black shutters.  Steven did that part, but he hired someone who is scraping and painting all the white areas so they are all fresh and nice.  I am going to repaint the outside doors a dark red color.  The blue just doesn't look right.  Steven is going to get new screen doors for the front and back door as well.  I will post a photo as soon as it's all complete.  
  I actually decided to get a total of six bins for Megan's room.  As of now she is only using two, but this way she has options to keep more if she would like with out it looking cluttered.  I put chalk board stickers on each one so we can always change the label's title easily.

I am doing a lot of laundry today.  I am working on three loads of ours and a couple loads for Tristyn and Kaylee.  Tomorrow is my birthday, so my present was some new dishes from the Pioneer Women at Wal-mart.  I just love her stuff.  My old dishes were in really bad shape with fork marks just all over them.  I also got some really pretty glasses and bowls and a butter dish.  Needless to say I had to get rid of my old items so they are in a box waiting to go to Good will.  I am going to run those there this morning after I clean the toilets.   I don't care for that job, but I wear disposable gloves so that helps me to feel better about it.  

Tristyn and Kaylee came over for dinner last night.  I made roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy from the roast beef drippings, I cooked quite a few ears of fresh corn and then cut it off the cob and added a bit of butter.  I also made another batch of those dinner rolls and had side salads or organic spring mix with toppings people could add if they liked.  It was a lot of work, but such a nice meal and so nice to have a bit of time with Tristyn and Kaylee.  They are pretty busy with school and their jobs.  My cousin Teri shared a blog with me that I love, it is called  the g stands for grandma.  She is a neat lady, and likes to do things the old fashioned way.  I've already learned a lot from reading her blog.  Well, I think I will treat myself to a cup of coffee with a lot of half and half before I have to tackle those toilets.   Have a wonderful day.


  1. Dear Juli ... love hearing about all of the happenings in your home. It sounds like a busy morning. How clean and cosy your little home must feel.

    We were in Walmart yesterday. I love the wax melts and I purchased Cider House Donuts, Caramel Pumpkin Seeds for the fall and I chose Perfectly Pine for winter time. Each week, I choose two or three to go into my shopping cart. It seems you and I were thinking along the same line.

    Bill and I walked through the section that has the Pioneer Woman kitchen items and oh my, they are so sweet. I picked up her measuring cup set and the measuring spoon set, thinking oh I would love to have those. Of course, Bill said go ahead and get them. I thought for a bit and knew that I have several sets at home and really didn't need to buy anymore. I have Longaberger Pottery measuring cups and measuring spoons and decided not to add the Pioneer Woman ones to my shopping basket. I am so happy for you and your new dishes. It will be so fun setting your table with new and pretty dishes.

    How nice that Tristyn and Kaylee were home for dinner. Your dinner sounds delicious.

    I am so happy that you like the blog that I shared with you. I mentioned before that I sort of read it like it were a book ... so much information there.

    Bill says that I drink my cream with a little coffee. It sounds as if we both like our cream and coffee the same way. HE!HE!

    Well, I have written a book, so I think that I shall close and tend to a few little things around our home.


    Afternoon and Evening Blessings ♥ Teri

    1. I will have to look and see if my Wal-Mart has the Caramel Seeds. Megan was home from school, not feeling well, so I spent the afternoon tending to her care. Tonight I need to make up my menu for this week, because either tomorrow or Friday I will be going to do my weekly grocery shopping. I always get made fun of because I like so much half and half in my coffee...but it sure tastes yummy! Well have a good afternoon. Hugs. Juli