Monday, September 5, 2016

How I Organize My Car

In the top part of my console I keep a pair of scissors my aux cord so I can play my music, or my audible books.  I also keep a couple of pens and a permanent marker, for when I have to bring the children something to the school office, that way I can write their names on the bag.  Steven uses my car to go to the YMCA, so he keeps his YMCA card in their as well.

In the larger part of my console, I keep a lot more.  I keep a comb, some mints, a prescription bottle with change inside, a flash light, hand sanitizer, lotion, some tissues, a little note pad and then my first aid kit.  I also took the contents out of my first aid kit.  Inside of that I keep band-aids, Advil, Sudafed, nail clippers, tweezers, nail files and little disposable tooth brushes and dental floss with some toothpicks.

In my glove box I keep the following items.  Two little plastic envelopes,  one to house our registration and insurance for the car, the other to keep napkins inside.  Then I keep my sunglasses and an extra pair of my glasses.  The other morning at around five am, I had to drive Megan to get something out of her locker, and actually forgot to put my glasses on.  So these come in handy.  Then last but not least our car hammer with a seat belt cutter on it.  

I keep a little duster in my car and of course an umbrella!  Sorry, my car needs to be vacuumed.

For summer I use these sun shades.  It really helps the car to stay a bit cooler inside.  I can't wait for fall weather to arrive, so I can put these away!

I also use this little turtle cord winder to make it easier to keep my phone charger in my car!  
I always carry mace on my key chain, never know when you may need it one day.  Hope not though, I've carried it for 20 years and never needed it so far!

Then in my trunk I have the following items in a little milk crate.  I have a blanket, a lent roller, some wet wipes a compass, some auto cleaning wipes and two bottles of water.  The water is in glass bottles, because your not supposed to keep plastic ones in extreme heat.  I wrapped one of these bottles in tissue paper, so they would not clink around.  These are for emergency use, because they are a bit on the costly side.  Then in the back I keep my re-usable grocery bags.  

That is how I have my car organized!  I have been just going through everything in our home and trying to make it as organized and efficient as possible.  One thing that motivates me to do this is a YouTube channel called AtHomeWithNikki she also has a channel called AtWorkWithNikki  She is such an inspiration, so if you watch YouTube, you should check her out!

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  1. Dear Juli ... I love how organized you are. Everything in its own place makes life so much nicer. Weekend Blessings ♥ Teri