Friday, September 2, 2016

What I've been doing this week in our little home~

I thought I would share my favorite purse.  It is a Travelon and I have been carrying Travelon  bags for about ten years now.  I love them.  They are light weight and have tons of organization pockets, not to mention fun pops of colors for the inside linings.  This is my all time favorite purse, and I actually have a spare in case anything ever happens to this one.  They run about $40.00 at QVC and truly they last for so very long.  I gave my Mother one about ten years ago, and she still carries it everyday, and it still looks nice.  It is made of a nylon and pretty much weighs nothing until you put all of your things inside.  This is great for me, because the things I carry end up weighing enough on their own, I don't want to start with a heavy bag.  I pretty much have very simple taste in my style of dress.  I like to wear cotton clothing in simple colors.  I don't wear jewelry, other than my wedding band.  I really like the simplicity of the Travelon bags.  I almost forgot to mention one of my favorite features of this bag, it has a side zip pocket that you can unzip and put a water bottle in, but it is nice and flat when it is zipped up and not in use.


This is my phone.  I don't use a lot of apps, but I have one that I love and use all the time.  It is called Wunderlist and it is free!  You can use it on a phone or a computer to keep track of your lists, and you can delete the items once you are done with them.  The great thing about this is you will never loose your list, because you can go to wunderlist and sign into your account on any device.  I have this on my phone, my Kindle and my laptop.  It really helps to keep me organized.  The great thing is that it will automatically update your list on all your devices when you make a change to them.   I used it just yesterday when I went to Subway to order Lauren and Megan's order to take them to school for their out of town Volleyball game.  I use it at Wal-Mart for small lists also.  I just love it!
I found chalk board stickers for all of my bins, so I can easily see what is inside and if it ever changes, I will get a wet wash rag and wipe the writing off and re write the label.  I use a chalk board pen that I get from Hobby lobby to write with.  

I found these small binders at Wal-mart and I bought dividers and of course paper for the insides.  I am using one to keep my favorite recipes in, and with the dividers I can label the sections as I please.  I also bought some decorative paper that people use to do scrap booking at Wal-mart and cut it to fit inside the front and back plastic flap, so they look nice.  I also put a chalk board sticker on the front of these books as well.  The recipe book took me quite a long time to do, but I am glad to have all of my favorite recipes so well organized!
I used a normal sized binder to organize all of the children's school papers.  They get school calendars, coaches information all sorts of things from teachers that we need to keep.  I use a three ring hole punch and dividers and keep them all in one place and easy to find and use when needed!

I've been organizing all of Megan's vanity drawers in her vanity.  I have one half for office type items and one half for her beauty items.  

I've been decluttering my room as well.  I found a cute little lamp for my desk at Wal-mart, in my favorite shade of blue.  I had been wanting a desk lamp but never found one I liked that didn't cost a fortune. 
I found this cute Pioneer Woman Mug at Wal-Mart.  It is hand made and only cost about $4.00.  I love her things.  Between the Pioneer Women and Better Homes and Gardens items I sure love shopping at Wal-mart for home goods now.  I of course got rid of some of my old mugs that we never use to make room for a few new ones that I love.  I am a firm believer in  purging the old items so you never get too much stuff!  I hate clutter!
Speaking of this, I thought I would share my Wardrobe.  It is a capsule wardrobe, which means only having what I need and really nothing more.  I do a good job of this!  I pretty much only wear the brand Denim and Co. from QVC because they are cotton, cut nice and loose and are good quality and pretty affordable.  There are actually a few items I truly could let go in my closet that I don't wear often but it is nice to have them just in case.  

I have been painting the doors in our house and the trim along the floors.  It is amazing how much nicer things look with a fresh coat of paint.  I moved all the clutter on the fridge to the side of the fridge, which I think looks nicer as well.  Steven replaced the bead board in our kitchen as it was really not very nice.  It makes the kitchen look better as well!

This is where my weakness is.  I love wax and candles.  I have given a lot of my wax melts away that I just didn't love anymore.  I have my wax melts in three different drawers.  Organized according to scents.  One is bakery type scents, one is fruit and one is for fresh type of scents.  I actually have a few more candles that I forgot to take photos of.  
I got the girl's sports buttons last night!  I love them!  They are such amazing young ladies.  They got home from their out of town game around nine last night and still had homework to do.  They sure work hard and I am so proud of them!

That is pretty much what I've been up to this week.  Just a lot of trying to freshen up and organize our little home.  I still have a lot to work on, but am feeling good with what I have gotten done so far.  Sometime I will have to photograph how I have organized my car.  I may share that in my next post.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!  

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  1. Dear Juli ... Oh my, everything looks so neat and tidy around your sweet little home. I love your candles and wax melts and how well organized you keep them. I am "peeking" to see all of your fragrances. How fun. Such sweet girls and I know how proud you are of them. ♥ Weekend Blessings