Monday, October 3, 2016

~A Peek Of Our Week~

These are the sugar cookies that I made for Lauren's cheer team this last week.  I put the school's symbol on them.

The girls both had volleyball games at home last week.  Both of their teams won!

Lauren went to cheer for the football game after her volleyball game.  She does such a great job!

Grandma Sandy and Harry came over to help us celebrate Steven's birthday on Friday.
Here is a picture of Lauren with her Grandma Sandy.

Grandpa and Grandma came for a little visit this weekend also!
Here is Lauren and Gianna, two of Megan's friends that spent the night Saturday.  We were taking Tristyn some lunch at his job.  Justin also had a friend stay the night, so our little house slept 10 people Saturday.

As always I have been making home cooked meals this last week.  I really love cooking from scratch.  I found this crock pot, in my favorite color a few years ago.

This morning everyone is at work and school and our little house is quiet.
I love our new curtains and the girls liked them too.  I'm glad they had the idea to get new ones so they would match the outside of our little home.
We have a lot of remotes, so I purchased this little basket to keep by the chair with all of our remotes inside.  I even use a remote for my flame-less candles.

Justin and Max were trying to squirt water on poor little Gianna.  They were being little stinkers!
Megan purchased herself a new bedspread.  I was sad because I really liked the other one.  The new one is reversible,  and she had it on the print which I really don't care for.  So this morning I changed it, I'm sure she will want it back on the print side, but I thought I'd at least let her see and hope she likes this one!  However, it is her room, so if she wants the print, I will let her have it.

This is a picture in our little basement family room that I found years ago in a thrift shop.  It is a raised picture behind glass.  It is of a pioneer family and I just love it.  

I saw this little ice cream truck at Target and had to snap a photo.  It is just so cute!

This is the book I'm reading right now.  It is written by our friend Duane's class mate who was Amish.  I am loving it so far.

I put the lamp that used to be in Megan's room in our little Disney guest room.  I just love that little room.
Well, it is around nine am, and I have done most of my tidying up in our little house, but I do need to do some deep cleaning and run to the store to get a few items.  Happy Monday!


  1. Dear Juli ... looks like your week and weekend were wonderful. Have a blessed week ahead. Hugs ♥ Teri

  2. Your weekend looks as if it were perfect!
    Always love visiting your cozy home. : )
    I love your Crock Pot!!!!!
    I'm pulling mine out tomorrow...
    Beef Pepper Steak!
    Have a cozy evening. : )