Monday, September 26, 2016

~A Snap Shot of Our Week~

I had a very nice birthday!  So many sweet and kind birthday wishes.  My little fella spent a very long time blowing up these balloons for me as a surprise.  He doesn't know how to tie them, so he used dental floss to tie them.  He also made me such a sweet card, telling me thank you for everything I do for him.  I made a home-made banana cream pie instead of birthday cake.  I got to eat them on the new desert dishes.  I wasn't  going to get the dessert dishes, but my parents gave me birthday money, so I decided I would get them after all!

And as always in our little home we are making tea and coffee!  It is a staple at our home.

Megan and I went shopping on Saturday down town.  It was a rainy day, but we had a lot of fun anyways and enjoyed some McDonald's coffee and hot chocolate.  This is a cute little shop downtown that I found a wax melt is a Chai tea scent.  I've been looking and looking for Chai tea wax melts.  It is by Boulevard and it is called Sugared Chai.  

I took Tristyn some lunch at work and enjoyed getting a hug from my wonderful son.  So hard to believe he is a young man now, boy does time go so very fast.

Steven and I have been doing a lot of projects on our little house, so we went to get a few supplies.  I am so tempted to post a photo of how cute our little house looks painted, but the white accents are not all complete, so I will wait.  I do love the color of our home now!

My girls had been wanting me to change the curtains in our living room, because they clashed with the outside of our newly painted house.  So today I found these curtains at Target.  I really like them.  I hope the girls will like them...I guess I will find out after they are done with school.  

Here are my birthday dishes.  Some of them are in the dishwasher, so they are not all in this photo, but I do love them.  They look so vintage to me.  I truly did need some new ones, as my old dishes were all scratched up and just didn't look so nice.  I love the Pioneer Women's Kitchen ware.  

Now I have to work on laundry and finish tidying our little home.  It finally feels like fall today.  I love feeling the crisp coolness in the air.  It just seems so fresh.  Well, that is a little snap shot of our week!  Happy Monday. 


  1. Oh Juli, your birthday sounds lovely. I love your new dishes. They go so well with your sweet kitchen. Your home is so cosy. Banana Cream Pie ... YUM!YUM! I hope that you have a cosy evening. ♥ Hugs

  2. Hi Juli, I found your blog via Teri's. Happy belated birthday. Your dishes are cute as can be. I am seeing more and more kitchen decor in Pioneer Woman's line. The colors are fantastic. I much prefer pie over cake.