Thursday, October 20, 2016

~A Peek Into Our Week~

Here is the before and after of our little house's transformation with paint.  I love it now on the outside as well as on the inside.
Here is Steven putting up our outdoor fall decorations.  I keep it really simple with just a little wreath and some fall garland.

Here is Tristyn working the front desk the other day.  I love taking him food at work, even though he is a grown man now, he will always be my baby.

As always I have been menu planning, shopping for food and making homemade meals.  The bottom picture is of walking tacos.  The girls got the idea to make these from a fair at their school where they served walking tacos!
Here is a photo of the moon Saturday night.  It was simply beautiful, but the photo really did not capture it's beauty.
I grated potatoes to make home made hash-browns into the cute little Pioneer Women bowl that my mother purchased for me on her last visit to our little house.  Now every time I see it I think of her.  I am so lucky to have had such a wonderful mother.  She used to read to us all the time, and tell us stories before bed, she cooked us healthy home made foods and kept our home neat and tidy.  I never understood how lucky I was until I became a grown up, but I will always cherish my Mom.
I found this sauce at Aldis and I made Tikka Masala.  It was so good!!!!  Nice to have something different.
Megan's little Duraflame cube came this last week.  I actually ordered her the large Duraflame like the one in Lauren's room, but she didn't want something that big in her room, so I got to keep the large one, and found this small one for her room!
 Here is the large one in my room!  I think it is cute, and it will be nice to be able to make my room extra warm and cozy in the winter.  
This is what my car looks like when I'm waiting on one of the children at school, or to get done with practice.  I have my Kindle Fire and I use my aux cord and listen to one of my Audible books.  
This is the book I'm listening to now.  I is good so far.
The girls and I went to TJ Maxx's grand opening last Sunday.  I am so thankful our little town has one.  We really needed an extra place to shop for clothes.
The cuff on Justin's new school sweat shirt came undone, so I mended that for him, and it is as good as new.
Justin wanted his photo taken with this skeleton at Walgreen's the other day.  So cute how he put his arm around it like it was a buddy.
My new issue of Victoria came out.  I love the Christmas issues!  This is my favorite magazine and I have been reading it since before Tristyn was born, that is over 20 years!  I don't read another magazine, just Victoria.
 The girls and I went last night and got some root beer floats, actually mine was just root-beer in an iced cold mug, so yummy!
I watched the Charlie Brown Halloween special the other night.  The children are off school today and tomorrow, so they get a four day weekend.  It will be nice getting to spend some time with them.  Steven and I plan to actually work on our little house this weekend, so that will be a nice change.  He is always so busy with the apartments that our little house gets put on hold most of the time.  I have to go grocery shopping today as well as go to all the children's parent teacher conferences.  Well, I guess I should end this blog and have a cup of coffee before I get started on my day.  Have a great rest of the week and a nice weekend!


  1. Hi, Juli ... your home looks so nice. I love the new color. I would love to have your recipe for "walking tacos" ... they look delicious. Love that Pioneer Woman bowl ... so sweet of your mother. Such a warm and cosy little "fireplace" ... just perfect for your room. I know that you will enjoy it. I am sure that Tristyn loves your home cooked meals brought to him. That is so nice of you to do that. Such a cute photo of Justin with his "friend" ... HE!HE! Such a lovely peek into your week. Have a blessed evening. Hugs ♥ Teri

  2. Hello!
    Your home looks wonderful!!!!
    How happy you must be!
    Love the cozy!!!!
    Have a nice weekend....
    Cold and rainy here!

  3. At first I was shocked that you painted brick but it really does look beautiful in the gray.

    I chuckled over your walking tacos. My mom started making American tostadas..what she called the 70's after learning many Mexican recipes from a good friend. We all loved tostadas but my mom hated the mess, so one day she used fritos. brothers best friend and son to my moms friend thought they were better that way. To this day it is my families favorite way to eat tostadas.

    blessings, jill