Monday, November 7, 2016

Our Weekend~

I've been burning one of my Better Homes and Gardens Pink Sugar Berry candles in my kitchen this week.  I am not a fan of the labels on these candles, so I remove them.  I have a flat Illuma-lid from Yankee Candle that actually fits perfect on these candles, the non flat ones don't fit at all.  I found it on Amazon.  I like using the Illuma-Lid because it helps the wax to melt evenly and pool out nicely.  
 I stopped by our mall this week to go to Bath & Body Works.  The candle I've been waiting to come out did...and they had it on sale.  
I got one for me and one for my son's fiance, Kaylee.  She loves Bath & Body works too!
I had a coupon for a free item, so I choose these cute little mitten's Wallflower warmer.
Here is my devotional book that my cousin Teri recommended to me, I really like it.

Justin and I went Pokemon hunting this weekend.
On top of my microwave I have my little sugar bowl, my coffee spoon that I use to stir in my half and half and my little coffee scoop spoon.

My Walmart has their Christmas candles out now.  I really liked some of the little ones at the top of these pictures and I really liked the American Home Merry Cherry.  It smells just like Cherry Life Savors and as a child my Grandma and Grandpa Smith used to give us those at Christmas time.  I might have to purchase that a little closer to Christmas.  I have to hold myself back from decorating for Christmas too early.  I am waiting until Thanksgiving to decorate.  It is hard for me, because Christmas is my favorite holiday and truly the only one I really decorate for.  I do have some Christmas Jazz music playing right now in our little home.  
I went and smelled all of the Christmas wax melts at Walmart, but truly didn't like any of them, so I purchased this today.  It is warming in my living room, so our little house smells like apple pie and cloves.  Megan was sick yesterday, so she is home with me today.  We are going to sit out back and enjoy some hot coco and coffee together.  Oh how I look forward to one day having a screened in porch to sit on and enjoy the weather.  Hope you all have a happy Monday!

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  1. So cozy here tonight!
    I am a candle lover too, and have just discovered Bath and Body Works candles!
    In fact, I'm having a giveaway over at my space!
    Stop over. : )
    Have a cozy Tuesday!