Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Peek Into Our Week~

I found a Christmas candle that I liked at T J Max.  It is by Village Candle and it is called Peppermint Mocha.  It smells quite nice.
I have one of these Aviatior music Center's down in our basement family room, but I had been wanting one for my room.  I actually think the one down stairs is a Crosly brand.  QVC had them on clearance so I got one for my room.  I have the Smokey Mountain Christmas CD in it now, reminds me of the Ozarks.  I love Blue Grass music and I love Christmas music, so this is perfect for me.  The neat thing about this music center is it actually has blue tooth so I can listen to my Amazon music from my phone on it.  It also has a place to play records, tapes, CD's and radio and a aux cord and a place to plug in a jump drive.  I of course love that it looks old fashioned.
 I got Tristyn a new pair of cotton pajamas.  I usually get him a new pair every winter.
I've been going into my room and playing my Amazon fire place video quite a lot.  It just feels cozy and I love the crackling sound.

I made a dozen cinnamon rolls for the teacher's appreciation lunch at Justin's school this week, and there were seven extra ones that our family got to enjoy!

 This morning for breakfast I made myself a mushroom and green pepper omelet with cheese and Hollandaise sauce.  It was quite good.

This is the guest room closet and where we keep Megan's clothing and other things we are saving such as some of Tristyn's things.  It was in great disorder as you can see from these photos.  The worst closet in our house, so I got to work on it.

Here is what it looks like now.  It is still more than I would like to have, but some of the items are things we just have to hold onto.  There is a group of really nice shirts that some of our friends gave for Justin that just don't fit quite yet, but are nice enough to hang onto until they do.  The box of files I need to organize and put in our apartment file cabinet down stairs.  Steven just gave me them a few days ago, and I have not had a chance to get them done yet.  All and all I think it looks better than it did.
In my kitchen I am burning Root Beer Float by Yankee.  I really like it.  Love the photo, we are big root beer fans.
This is my wax stash of my favorite scents that I get quite a lot of, as I melt them all of the time.  They include the following, Honey Bourbon Frosting, Cider House Donuts, Pink Velvet and Sugared Lavender Twist.

 Steven is working on our little house this weekend.  He put on all new face plates for our outlets and light switches.  They look much nicer than the old ones that had come with our house.  He is also painting the shed and the family room down stairs. 
I have a tin with hot coco packets inside and some marshmallows and candy canes for people to enjoy in their hot coco.  I do this every Christmas when I can get my hands on Candy Canes.  All in all it has been a pretty quiet weekend so far.   Megan is napping because she spent the night with a friend last night and I'm sure got only a bit of sleep.  Steven is heading out to work on the shed, Justin is playing his video games, Lauren is experimenting with her make up and taking photos to update her profile pictures.  I got the lunch mess cleaned up and beds made, vacuuming and sweeping done and am working on laundry.   In the living room I have and Apple Pie wax melt going and in the bed rooms I have pink velvet.  I really love the pink velvet scent.  It is my favorite right now.  Of course It will change again in a week or two.  I hope you all have a very wonderful and relaxing weekend!  Hugs.  Juli


  1. Juli, this vist was so cozy!
    Candles, cocoa, and music.
    Have a wonderful, cozy week, my friend. : )

  2. I love all your candles and wax melts! What a collection!