Sunday, December 18, 2016

~Happy Sunday From Our Little House~

This morning I've been working on my organizer.  I have added birthdays for next year in the calendar, this helps me to not forget birthdays for loved ones.  I am also using a free app on my phone called Cozi.  Cozi is a calendar app for your phone.  I just have to use my main organizer and make sure I put all the information in my mobile app.  This is nice when I'm on the go and don't have access to my paper organizer.   I would not want to only use the mobile app for my organizer as I really like the real organizer to use on a daily basis.  It's funny, but I have been using a organizer since I was a young girl.  Before I had a real one, I would make lists on note book paper to keep me organized.  I also use a free app that I love called wunderlist.  Wunderlist is what I use to keep all of my lists.  I love that app and use it all the time.  I have my goals list, a house to do list, a daily to do list, a quick shopping list, menus ideas list, my daily water list and many others.  The great thing about this is you can easily remove an item when you complete it, or no longer want it on your list.  To remove the name of a list, such as Daily To Do List, you must do this on your computer.  The great thing about Wunderlist is that if you loose a device, you can log into it on any tablet, phone, or computer and all of your information will still be there.  I truly believe that no matter what you do in life, such as run a home or run a business,  you must stay organized if you want to do it well.  I think they should teach a class in school about organization, as it is something that is very important in life.
Megan has made a very awesome fort in our down stairs family room.  She pulled one of the couches up and she has the blankets over the entertainment center where she can watch Netflix.  She also took the memory foam topper off of her bed to lay on so she has a little bed inside her fort.  Then for the very awesome touch, she has her Christmas lights inside to add a very nice atmosphere.  What a creative little girls she is.
This morning I made this coffee cake for breakfast.  It is a recipe I found in my Betty Crocker Cook book.  
Yesterday Steven and I did some shopping for Christmas.  Here are the shoes that Megan wanted.  We still have more shopping to do, but we did get a lot done.
When I was a girl I had a stuffed mouse that I named Mousekins that I had gotten for Christmas one year.  Yesterday Steven and I were in TJ Max and we found this little Christmas mouse.  I had to get it.  It reminds me of childhood, so it will be a new Christmas decor that will be in our little house every Christmas.  In case you were wondering, I named her Mousekins.  
I love looking at our Christmas orniments.  The one with the stocking and two little mice is one that my Grandma Smith's friend made and my parents bought me as a child.  

We got our first snow of the winter yesterday.  I love the look of snow, it is so pretty.  There is something that is just cozy about winter, having the cold outside and the nice cozy warmth of home inside.
There is a emergency at one of the apartments today, so Steven is there working on that now.  He is such a hard worker, and I do hope soon things can slow down for him.  I keep thinking it will and then he buys another house or apartment house.  Well, I hope everyone has a happy Sunday.  We are just staying inside and tending to our little home and it's chores today.  Hugs.  Juli

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