Wednesday, December 14, 2016

~using my new app to upload pictures off of my phone~

I made this picture on a hp srpocket printer app on my phone.  Now I can use my phone to put photos on my blog!
Here is one of Tristyn and Kaylee's engagement photos.  What a blessing they are to my heart.
Lauren and Megan had their Christmas program last night.  They did such a great job.  They both looked so nice, I wish I could have gotten a better photo, but Lauren is looking at us in this one at least!
Here is Megan being silly!  She is wearing a toy story hat that Justin got at Walt Disney World years ago.
Here is Justin at school doing a cup stacking challenge, he was focusing quite hard!
Here are my wonderful parents a little over 48 years ago.
Here they are now, still in love and such a blessing to have for my parents, I love them very much.
Here is my darling niece Lilah, she is getting ready to go look at the moon and stars.  
Well, I think I'm going to have a cup off coffee and read for a bit.  Have a wonderful afternoon.  Hugs.  Juli