Thursday, March 2, 2017

~A Peek Into Our Week~

Steven gave up tea and soda for lent, so we are drinking water with lemon.  It is really refreshing and I like the way the extra lemons look in my fruit bowl.
Today I have my newest lemon candle in our little kitchen.  Oh how I love candles.
Speaking of candles, this is one I was burning yesterday.  It's Yankee's Fudge Ripple.

This last week, I was also burning Juicy Cherry by Yankee.  I am just loving summer time candles right now.  Perhaps because our winter has  felt more like summer than winter in Kansas this year.  

I have been spring cleaning all of the closets and cupboards this last week.  The under sink area still doesn't look great, but it is organized and tidy.  I also worked on both Justin's and Megan's closets as well.
  I freshened up the look of our upstairs bath room by replacing the black carpets with white.  I'm really not sure why in the world I did not do this sooner.  I really like the look of the white.  I looked all over for some good quality rugs and toilet seat covers and could not find anything, then I looked at Walmart.  They have this new brand that is so plush and such a grade above the normal bath rugs.  It cost a bit more, but still very reasonably priced.  I'm not sure what the name was but it was something like USA made.  
 Of course Steven and I had our little lunch date at our normal place.
I took Megan and her friends to the skating rink.
Lauren went to a movie with a boy from her class, so I waited with her until he arrived.  It was her first real date.
My sweet cousin Teri sent me a gift card for Hobby Lobby, and look how cute the cards were.  I purchased a new picture for my laundry room.  I am redecorating it right now, and when it is complete I will post a picture.
My parents came up and stayed the night.  My father is wanting to harvest honey, so he is building a little house to keep bee's in.  He needed to cut some wood with one of my husband's saws, so they drove up.  This photo is my mother researching one of Justin's worksheets, because he forgot to bring his book home.  She helped him with his homework and I got a little break.  I sure do love her, she is such a wonderful mother and grandmother.  I'm glad she is retired now, so that she can spend more time with us all.  

This is the Wallpaper I  have on my phone right now.  I love it.  If you want a really nice wall paper app that is free, check out Everpix It has some really neat one's.  Today I deep cleaned bath rooms, and gave our little house an overall cleaning.  I got the fridge clean and organized as well as my little food cupboard.  I am really in the spring cleaning mood.  It feels so good to have everything fresh and tidy and organized.  I have a bag of stuff to take to Goodwill tomorrow.  I hope you are all doing well.  Have a wonderful week.  Hugs.  Juli


  1. Dear Juli ... such a "fresh" looking post. Those lemons are so pretty, especially with your aqua. My oh my, I can only imagine how lovely your little home smells with those candles. Juli, I am so happy that you have a new treasure for your laundry room. The love that you have for your family and for your home is so heartwarming. I hope that you have a warm and cosy evening. Love & Hugs ♥ Teri

  2. Lemon Water is my favorite!
    It helps me drink more water!
    I love all the lemon touches in your post, and in your home. : )
    I have never tried the Yankee Fudge Ripple!!!
    Is it aa good one?
    Please send me some of your energy...
    I cannot get motivated!!!
    Have a cozy evening, my friend.
    Oh. And aren't mothers wonderful?!

    1. The fudge ripple smells just like vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce on top. It smells really good but doesn't have a strong throw when it's burning. I still love it because the picture is just so yummy looking. Hugs. Juli