Wednesday, March 29, 2017

~A Peek Into Our Week~

Kaylee's Bridal Shower was last Saturday.  It was nice to meet her friends and some of the ladies in her family.

This is one of the gifts I gave to Kaylee.  I had their favorite engagement photo put on the Wedding Day candle by Yankee.  

I've started making my own wax melts.  I am playing with the recipe to get them just so.  This is in the scent Moonlight Path.  It smells like the one from Bath and Body Works.  I plan to give my mom most of these, as this is her favorite scent.

I make them in a double boiler on my stove.  This is the oil I used.  I am actually going to try another company for oil, as the shipping on this company is pretty high.
Here is my sweet baby niece, Lilah.  She loves to get cards in the mail, and Lori said that she really enjoyed her St. Patrick's day card!  She even took it to her story time.  I just adore her!

Megan went ice skating with her friend Gianna this afternoon!  These are a couple of photos that Gianna's father sent to me.  They are such sweet girls!
I have been burning my Peeps candle in our little kitchen.

I have been making fresh squeezed lemonade.  I enjoyed a glass of it along with my lunch!
I found this on line, and thought I would share it.  I plan to try to use it for some new colors when we dye our Easter eggs this year.
Our little house is quiet right now.  Megan is with her friend, Justin is on his computer and Lauren is in Lawrence with her grandparents.  She loves to go stay with them when ever she can.  She is very close to both her grandmother and her grandfather.  It is rainy right now in our little town, so of course I have my candles and twinkle lights aglow.  I hope you are all having a cozy week.  Hugs.  Juli 


  1. That is such a sweet and perfect bridal shower gift. Oh my goodness, how nice that you are making wax melts. Lilah is precious. I am sure that the girls had a fun time ice skating. It is raining here as well. We are cosy inside. Enjoy your evening. Hugs ♥ Teri

  2. Thank you for the egg colors !
    I cannot wait to try them...
    How do you make your lemonade?
    I have never made it!
    Sounds so cozy in your home tonight.

    1. I use the most basic juicier and juice 5-6 lemons. I pour that into my pitcher then fill with water and add one and a half cups of sugar and stir. πŸ˜‹