Monday, March 20, 2017

~A Snapshot of Our Weekend~

Justin brought this picture home from school on Friday.  I hung it up in his room.  He told me how he blended the yellow and brown paint to create that look of flowers.  I think he did a very nice job!  Justin had a play date with his two friends Max and Christian.  The weather was warm and sunny, so the boys played out back on the trampoline for quite a long time.  Of course, they did play video games and such as well.  I think they had a lot of fun!  I thought it was nice that it was not a sleep over, so they got some sleep.  Megan did have two girls stay the night on Friday, and another friend sleep over on Saturday as well.  

I had to snap a photo of the beautiful Kansas sky.  I was heading to Walmart bright and early Saturday morning to get Megan some strawberries, because Justin and his friends ate them all.  Megan likes to use them for her french toast.  However, Walmart had no strawberries at all, so I headed to Braums and found some there.  I had to get milk anyways, so it was all good.  While I was there, I ran into a very sweet person who goes to my church.  She is a home school mom and I believe a homemaker as well.  She came up and said hello, and it made my day!
 Steven and I went on our out and about date.  We had to take Lauren to cheer and dance practice.  We went to run some errands and then to clean his car.  This is a picture I snapped from the car wash.  I don't know why, but I've always love the feeling of being in the car while it is being washed.  It's silly, and just another example of how it doesn't take much to make me happy!

 My Hayden Rowe vendor  wax order came on Saturday!  I was so excited!  It all smells so good.  I have to let it cure for a month before I get to melt it, so it will be something to look forward to.  The scents were awesome!  I did a you tube video about it, if anyone would like to see it, I will try to put a link that you can click on.  (You will have to copy and paste the address in the address bar, as it does not work to click on it.)
Saturday evening, Steven and I met our friends Duane and Cathy for dinner.  We got their right before it got busy, so I snapped a photo.
They have a buffet, so we all got that.  I had to snap a picture of my food.  It was quite good, and I'm afraid I ate a bit more than I should have...but I would do it again!  LOL
I thought I would post this little quote that came on a sticker from my Hayden Rowe wax order.  It's one that I love.  This morning, our little house was a Monday house.  That's what I say when I have basically taken Sunday off from work and it takes an extra long time to get in order.  I have it looking nice once again, but still have the deep cleaning to do this afternoon.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!  Hugs.  Juli


  1. I love strawberries with my French Toast!!!!
    And our Walmart never has any! : )
    Have a cozy week, my friend!

  2. It looks like you had a good weekend. I hope that your week is going well. It is a homey week for us. Blessings & Hugs ♥ Teri

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