Wednesday, May 17, 2017

~A Peek Into Our Week~

I had a very nice Mother's Day.  These were the gifts that Steven and my children gave to me.  I shared the chocolates with everyone so that I would only eat a couple.  I love chocolate and I know that if I kept them for myself, I would eat too many at once.
Here is the wonderful card that Justin made for me at school.  I love it!  I am keeping it in my box for special items.  I am always so thankful to the teacher's who help the children make our holidays special.
My sweet little Lauren serenaded me.  I love when she sings, she is my little song bird.
Here is a photo of my little Megan and her friends after the concert at their school.  They all are such pretty young ladies.
Here is a photo Lauren sent to me of her and I on Mother's Day.

Steven and I went to Yoder, Ks. last weekend.  For anyone who may not know, it is a little Amish community.  We went into this little thrift shop and found a very nice solid wood table for only $15.00.  I had been wanting a little table to sit beside our recliner in our living room.  I normally donate the items we let go to Goodwill if friends don't have any use for them, but I am going to just take those items to Yoder.  The money goes to help fund Mission groups.
Here is the sweet little Post Office in Yoder.  When the children were little we used to go there to mail items.  I just like how small and cute it is.

Here is a little shrimp salad I made for Steven and I for lunch the other day.  If you have never tried dried cranberries in your salad, they are very tasty!
I had to snap a photo of the girls lunch boxes.  Each morning I put them on our coffee table.  Megan's is on the left and Lauren's spot is on the right.
Steven and I went on a little date to Yoder's Carriage Crossing.
Here is a photo of my meal.  I always get the same thing.  It is very yummy.  
I saved up some money in my little food account and purchased this chair and side table to go in our living room.  I had wanted an extra little chair for when we have people over to visit.  I mostly shopped my home for items to decorate the little side table.  
I got the chair and side table and pillow at TJMAX.  The table is made in India.
I got sick last week and was in bed for a good while.  I enjoyed watching some I Love Lucy on Amazon Prime.  It reminds me of when I was a little girl at my Grandpa and Grandma Smith's house in my Aunt Debi's bedroom watching it on her little TV while my grandma put away towels in her hall closet.

 Lauren had a little get together with about four of her friends.  It was nice hearing them laugh and visit.  They ate Pizza and watched movies and took a little walk.  Children are such a blessing.  Well, I hope you all have a good rest of your week.  Hugs.  Juli

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