Monday, May 22, 2017

~The Keeper Of Home Series: Our Car Organization~

I thought I would share a post about my car organization.  Even though our vehicles are not really part of our home, I have always felt like it was an extension of home.  When we are on the go, it is good to have items that we may need.
I keep an umbrella by my driver's side in case I ever need it when I'm out and about.
I keep this sun shade to put in my window for when it gets really hot outside.  This keeps it a bit cooler.
Here is my little air freshener that hangs from my review mirror.  I like it, because it helps me to easily spot my car in a parking lot.  It has no scent, but it looks like a candle, so that makes me happy.

Here are my air fresheners that actually scent my car.  They are from Bath and Body Works.  I have the scent Tiki Beach in them right now.  One is a vent clip and one is a visor clip.  Together they work well and they last about a month.  
I use this little cord turtle that I got from Amazom.  This keeps my phone charging cord a better length for my car.  
When it is not in use, it tucks easily into it's spot.

I use this little gadget to wipe the dew off of the back window of my car in the mornings.
I use this little spot as my trash can.  I empty it often.
This is the top part of my middle console.  I keep a pair of scissors, a aux cord, a Sharpie.  The sharpie comes in handy when I have to drop something off for one of the children at school, so I can put their name on the bag.  I also have my Aldi's quarter and a writing pen.

   This is the middle part of the console.  I keep quite a lot in this.  On top I keep my emergency car hammer.  It will break a window and cut a seat belt if needed.  Next I keep this little blue case.
Inside my blue case I keep disposable tooth brushes, which comes in very handy.  Tide to go pen, hand sanitizer,  Advil, band aids, and dental floss.

Under the blue case I keep some lotion, body spray, change, a comb, and Kleenex.
Here is what I keep in my glove box.  I keep wet wipes that I use for messy hands and such.  An extra pair of eye glasses, some reading glasses and sunglasses.
I also keep a little flash light.
And a pad of paper.
A little envelope that I found at Office Max to keep my Registration papers and insurance information in.
I also keep these napkins inside an envelope,  so they stay clean.
Inside my trunk I keep a plastic bin.  Inside of this I keep two glass bottles of water.  Glass is better if you are going to keep them in a hot car.  I buy these at Walmart.  They are about $2.00 each, so I use these only for emergency.  You can not tell in this photo, but they are quite large.  The second one I have wrapped in tissue paper, so they don't clank around.  I also keep a lint roller, car wipes and spray and soft cloths to clean my car.  I also keep my car's booklet and a blanket.
I also keep some reusable bags, another blanket and a cover for my wind shield to keep snow and Ice off of it during the winter.  
In the back seat I keep my Halo Bolt.  This thing is so nice to have.
It is used to jump start a car.  It works awesome and you can use it many times before you have to charge it.  I used it twice for Steven's old car and Steven has used it to jump start a friends car quite a few times.  For me, it is just peace of mind.  You can also use these to charge a phone, because they have USB charging ports.  The new ones even have regular outlets on them.  

Well, this is how I organize my little car.  I do feel our car's are an extension of our homes, and we should care for them and keep them clean and tidy and organized the best we are able.  Thank you for visiting my little space.  Have a good rest of your week.  Hugs.  Juli


  1. Beautiful blog! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, these beautiful events and pictures! God bless you!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! God bless you too! Hugs. Juli