Sunday, June 4, 2017

~The Keeper Of Home Series: Cleaning Routine~

I think it is a good thing to have a cleaning routine in place.  Because I am a homemaker finding the time to set to clean and tidy my home is easy.  If I worked outside of the home, I would have to find time that would work into my day the best.  Regardless, I think it is important to set a routine because then in most cases your home can stay neat and tidy.  I like to start early in the morning, usually before the sun is up.  However, due to the fact I am sick today, I did not start until much later.  So always be flexible with your routine when you need to be. 
First on my daily cleaning is my kitchen.  No matter what, I feel that our kitchen needs to be clean and ready to make our next meal.  I do the dinner dishes right after dinner most always.  It is easier for me now because of our wonderful dishwasher.  There were a good many years I washed dishes by hand and with a family that had six in it, I was always doing dishes.  So I am very thankful for my dishwasher now.  Even though I clean up the dinner mess the night of, there are almost always cups and bowls the next morning.  So first thing I do is unload my dishwasher and reload, then hand wash anything that can not go in the dishwasher, and wipe down my counter-tops, and use a disinfecting wipe inside my sinks.  
Once my little kitchen is clean and tidy, I can move onto the next task.  
The next place I like to clean is our living room.  I start by putting away any clutter that has been left out from the night before.  There is most always items that are out of place, because we live in our home and make messes each day.  Next I will dust or wipe down any surfaces that need it.  Then I put pillows in the right place and move on to my next task.  For things such as vacuuming, I do this when all of the rooms are tidy.
Next on my daily cleaning routine comes the bedrooms.  I first clear clutter from the floor and put it in it's spot.  I gather any dirty clothing items and put them in my upstairs laundry hamper.  Then I will make the bed and make sure everything is in it's proper place.  When everything has a home, this task is quick and easy to do.  
Once all of the bedrooms are neat and tidy both upstairs and downstairs, I work on laundry.
I carry the upstairs laundry bin down to my little laundry room.  I then sort the clothing into my three laundry hampers in my laundry room.  I have one for darks, one for lights and one for towels.   Then I start my daily laundry.  And move on to my deeper cleaning.  As far as my deeper cleaning goes, I do this based on need.  I assess what deep cleaning needs to be done that week.  I then choose the most needed tasks to be deep cleaned to do that day and schedule other tasks to be done in my organizer.  Say one day I will vacuum and sweep and deep clean the sinks.  Another day I will sweep and mop, and clean toilets.   Basically I do theses things when they need to be done, so I don't have set days that I do certain tasks.  Some people like to have set days to say dust or mop, and once again, everyone is different, so when setting up a cleaning routine, each person will do it a little different.  Find the way that works best for you.  

I also want to mention that when I schedule my weekly deep cleaning tasks, I also like to schedule organization tasks.  In order to stay organized, we must tweak the systems that we have in place on a semi regular basis.  This does not usually take a real long time, but really helps me to remain organized.  A few days ago, I tweaked my downstairs storage area.  Now my bins are organized better.  I keep replacement items for things in my house that I love, inside of these bins.  This way if a cup breaks, no big deal, I can get a new one right away.  Closets are another thing that I find I have to tweak often to keep them in good order. 
I hope that sharing my cleaning routine is helpful to someone who is just wanting to learn about keeping a home.  They don't really teach this sort of thing in high school too much any more, so I think it is a good thing to learn about.  One thing that helps motivate me, is watching cleaning routine videos on Youtube.  It gives me new ideas and just inspires me to kick it in high gear and get to work!  If you have a designated home for everything in your home your daily tidying will be a breeze and it is kind of like putting a puzzle together.  I know some people look at housework like it is the worse thing in the world.  I love it because I love the transformation of a dirty messy house, into out neat cozy space.  I don't get upset when it gets messy, because I clean it daily.  This is not to say that I want people to trash my house, but normal daily living is just fine with me.  I am posting this blog a day early, because I am sick and am not sure how early I will be up tomorrow.  This way I can rest assured it is posted.  I hope you all had a nice weekend.  Hugs to you.  Juli



  1. Juli,
    This is a wonderful post.
    I agree it is something young people do not learn in school.
    I am inspired by you, my friend!

    1. I am inspired by you as well Billie Jo! Hugs. Juli

  2. You are so organized. You have such a sweet and cosy home. I hope that you are feeling better very soon. Hugs ♥ Teri

    1. Thank you Teri. I have been taking it easy, so hopefully soon I'll be feeling much better. Hugs to you. Juli