Tuesday, July 11, 2017

~The Keeper Of Home Series: A Few of My Favorite Tips~

One of my favorite tips in my laundry room, is using a little bin that I keep beside the dryer to store my Shout and other laundry items I use.  It helps things to look neat and tidy and gives them a home.  I also like to decorate my laundry room, because this makes doing laundry a more pleasant experience.  One last tip, is to leave your washing machine open when not in use.  This allows it to stay fresh and dry and keeps it from getting musty.  
Another one of my favorite tips is to keep my magnets and lists on the side of my refrigerator, instead of the front.  I do display special items on the front of my refrigerator from time to time.  This gives my kitchen a cleaner look, in my opinion. 

This is something I just did about a week ago.  I purchased bins from the Dollar Tree to use in my Freezer and Refrigerator.   I have a place to store them when I don't need to use a certain bin, and plan to wash them before I store them.  However, most of them I do plan to use often.  My freezer will most likely be the one that I change up the most.  I love the bin on the top of my refrigerator.  I use it to keep disposable bottles of water, that would not be able to fit up their if they were upright.  I did label that bin.  I also have a small bin on the top of my fridge for items that need we need to eat soon.  There is currently one slice of pizza and two nectarines in that little bin.  My dollar tree did not carry enough of the aqua bins for me to use those, so I chose a pretty spring green.  I originally wanted them for my freezer to get rid of so many boxes with a few of this or that left inside.  Those kind of items clutter your freezer.  

These are one of my favorite things.  They help help my children to easily choose to drink more water.  (My girls at least)  They are reusable water bottles that I hand wash after each use and refill daily.  They are BPA free, which I look for in my water bottles.  I found these on Wish.  I think they are from Japan, and they cost $2.00 for each bottle with shipping.  I thought that was pretty good!  

Here is one of my favorite tips...  When hanging pants, always make sure the seam that sticks out (shown in the first photo) is on the inside of the hanger.  This means it will not show when you hang your pants, and you get a clean line with all of your pants when you look into your closet.  I love this!!!

Consider Upcycling bottles that you like.  Here is what I do.  I love the Mrs. Meyer's dish soap, however I just don't love the smell of the counter spray.  It is just too strong for my taste.  I love the Green Works Multi-surface cleaner, and have used it for years.  However the bottle is so large, I don't like it out on my counter top.  So, I upcycle my Mrs. Meyer's spray bottle to put my Green clean inside.  This way I can have the small bottle I like and the cleaner that I like!  
Here is the cleaner I use, It is called Green Works.  LOL...I always call it Green Clean.

Here is a great tip that I use to deep clean my microwave.  You add one cup Vinegar and one cup water and mix.  Cut half a lemon into slices and place in bowl.
Next place inside your microwave and put in on for 5 minutes.  This will create a deep cleaning steam inside of your microwave.  I first clean my microwave with soapy water and my green cleaner, before I do this deep clean.  I should warn you that this process does make your microwave smell like vinegar for a few days.  I only do this a couple of times a year, but I do think it is a good thing.  I should mention, with your other half of lemon, it is nice to use it to put down your garbage disposal to deep clean it.  I just drop it in, run water and turn it on for about a minute.  
This is something new I am trying out in my planner.  I put a Weekly Routine, with things I want to do for any given day.  I don't write everything I do daily in this list, just things such as doing a facial, or working on a blog or YouTube video.  
I will use this list each evening when I make my To Do List for the next day.  This will help me to incorporate certain tasks into my week.  I am liking it so far.  

Now that the 4th of July is over, I have been thinking of Christmas in July.  I have a little Christmas candle out, and am playing a Christmas tree, fireplace from Amazon Prime on my TV.  My girls really did not want for me to put up our little Christmas tree, so I will have to wait for the real deal to do that.  LOL  

I hope that you may find some of these little tips to be of use in your homes.  I hope you all have a nice and cozy week.  Thanks for stopping by my little space.  Hugs to you.  Juli


  1. I just love the sweet and simple ways that you tend to your home. Thank you for sharing. Blessings & Hugs ♥ Teri

  2. Thank you for your kind words Teri. Hugs to you. Juli

  3. Juli!
    Your tips are so helpful!!!
    Especially the one about the pants!
    Ould you believe I have never been able to hang Steve's pants correctly!
    And I do keep my washer open.
    I haven't always, but recently started.
    It makes a huge difference!
    You know I am loving your Christmas in July, right??
    Have a cozy day, my friend.

  4. Hi Billie Jo. You know I have even been listening to Christmas music in my car!!! :) Hugs to you. Juli

  5. Hi Juli,
    I found your blog through another I have read for years. I enjoyed your writing and photos so much I read the whole archive! What a lovely cozy home you have. I look forward to following your blog regularly.
    I just wanted to say hello from Central Illinois!

  6. Oh my goodness, your sweet comment made my day! I will look forward to your visits to my little space. Hugs. Juli