Monday, November 13, 2017

~A Peek Into Our Weeks~

Lauren was in her school's play this last weekend.  All the children did such a nice job.  Lauren was a dancer, and she did awesome!  The children worked a lot of hours practicing and I am just so proud of them all!
Lauren's dear friend Britney came to watch the play.  Britney is now attending a different school than Lauren.
Here is Megan with two of her good friends the day after Halloween.  Notice Megan is wearing PJ's, my girls have been going to the donut shop in PJ's since they were just little.
The tree in our front yard has changed to it's pretty fall colors.
I really love the view through our living room window.  Makes me want a cup of coffee.
Here is Justin practicing his bells the other day.
Here is my little darling niece Lilah making Halloween cookies with her wonderful Mommy!
I made a cherry pie!

I tidied up my fridge before I had to go to the store.  There was one slice of pizza in that box, so I put it in a little sandwich baggie.

Megan and I got her room back in order after her sleep over, it took a little while.  LOL
As always I am working on laundry, but I like my little laundry room so that truly makes it a nicer job to do.
Here is a photo of my great niece Reese.  She is soooooo cute!!!  I can't wait to kiss her little fat cheeks at Christmas time.
Here are some apples drying after I washed them.  I always let them totally dry before I put them into my fruit bowl.
Life has almost been too busy the last couple of weeks for my taste.  I am hoping that we can have some down time for a bit.  We are staying home for Thanksgiving, so I will be making a turkey.  We are getting ready to celebrate Lauren's 16th birthday.  She only turns sweet 16 once, so we are pretty excited.  I have to wait and put my Christmas tree up after her birthday, per her request.  If it were up to would already be up!!!  Thanks for stopping by my little space.  Have a good week.  Hugs.  Juli 


  1. It does sound a bit busy around your neck of the woods. Hopefully things will slow down a little. The children all are having such fun times. I always love peeking into your home. Evening Blessings ♥ Teri

  2. Hi Juli,
    I am with you...I am not a fan of busy!
    Your home is always cozy!!!!
    I always tidy my refrigerator before I go to the store. : )
    Always nice to visit you here, my friend.