Thursday, April 18, 2019

~A Peek Into Our Week~

My cousin Teri and her husband Bill came for a visit last weekend.  What a blessing it was.  She and I just have such a nice time visiting as we just have so very much in common.  She is a blessing to my heart. Teri gave me this precious little coaster that says, In Difficult Times Seek God, In Quiet Times Worship God, In Painful Times Trust God, In All Times Thank God.  
Teri and I like to spoil each other, and this is one of the special gifts she gave to me.  It is a ring holder that has a Bible verse inside.  I am keeping my grandma Kelly's wedding ring inside of it, behind her wedding picture on my night stand. 
Teri and Bill treated Steven and I to dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Carriage Crossing.  The food was so tasty, and we all had such a nice time visiting.  Bill and Steven enjoyed visiting as much as Teri and I. After we ate our dinner, Teri and I browsed around the little gift shop.  
Here are some cute little wooden church's they had for sale.
They had this adorable little bear once again, so I had to snap a photo of her!
Of course these cute wax melts caught my eye.
I liked this print of a little Amish boy.
And they had some cute lip balm as well.
After dinner we all enjoyed visiting until it was time to turn in.  All the camp sites in town were full, so Teri and Bill stayed in their RV in our drive way.  That was such a blessing because I even got to say goodbye to them in the morning before they headed to the town their event was in.  It just made my entire week!
I washed these blueberries in the little cute colander that Teri gave to me, and they looked so pretty, I had to snap a photo.
In my living room I keep my special books.  On the bottom shelf are the Little House books that my grandpa and grandma Smith purchased for me when I was in third grade for my birthday.  I still read them to this day.
Here is my collection of the Sugar Creek Amish Mystery books.  I am almost done with book #5, but I read them slowly to make them last longer.  They are such a treat for my spirit.
My planner is decorated for Easter, but soon I will have to change the decor, as Easter is almost upon us.
This is the photo that I'm using as my lock screen on my phone.  I love Disney, so it just makes my heart happy.
Thank you for stopping by my little space.  I hope that you all had as nice of a week as I did.  Have a cozy weekend and a blessed Easter.  Hugs to you.  ~Juli


  1. What a sweet friend, we all need many of those, I am a little house fan also in fact I am listening to the audio books in the car.

  2. I am so happy you and Teri had such a wonderful visit!
    I have that exact same set of Little House books!
    I have read them many, many times.
    Have a blessed and happy Easter!!!!!

  3. I am new to your blog. We have so much in common: Laura Ingalls Wilder, Amish, Disney.

    1. Welcome Sherry! So nice to have you here. Hugs. ~Juli