Friday, September 13, 2019

~A Peek Into Our Weeks~

This morning the crisp cool fall breeze is in the air, so I have the windows open in our little house and have been just loving the fall weather.
Steven and I have our outside fall decorations up!  Oh how I love fall.  
I have been loving burning fall candles and melting fall wax melts.
I even put up a few little fall decorations inside our home.  This is a little treasure I found at Dollar Tree.
I started book number 8 in the Sugarcreek Amsih Mysteries series.  I try to pace myself, but I need to work on that, as I have read half the book in two days. These books are just so very good.
Lauren has her room all cute and cozy.  
Here is the new bedding that she purchased over the summer to add a bit of color to her room.  So cute!
As always I am making iced tea.  My family loves it!
September is my birthday month, so I have my planner decorated for it.  I just love decorating my planner for each new month.
I have enjoyed watching Disney vlogs on YouTube in my little Disney Guest room, it just makes my heart happy.
Fall is my favorite season, and my heart just rejoices in the pretty colors and crisp cool air that it brings.  I know it is not officially fall as of yet, but I do like to start celebrating it early.  Such a cozy time.  I hope you are all having a cozy week.  Thank you for stopping by my space.  Hugs to you. ~Juli


  1. Juli,
    We are kindred souls.
    I love your cozy, autumn home.
    Everything is perfect.
    When is your birthday?
    I am a September baby too!
    Happy Birthday!

    1. My birthday is September 22. I will be 49. When is your birthday?

  2. Love your fall flowers and planner 😊