Sunday, January 29, 2023

~Some Cozy Winter Days

I have been enjoying burning a candle in our little kitchen in the evenings.  It just makes my heart happy.
I put together a  face care station in our little bathroom for when my daughter comes over, so she can pamper herself.  She is a new Mommy and she enjoys the treat of having some self care while I play with my baby grandson.
Here is my oldest son Tristyn.  I just love him so much and am proud of what a wonderful young man he has become.
Here is my sister Lori and my niece Lilah.  Lilah had a snow day from school, so they enjoyed some time playing in a winter wonderland!
My grandson Leo is getting so big.  He can sit up and he enjoys playing with toys.  He is such a blessing to our family.

I finished book #30 in the Sugarcreek Amish Mystery series.  It is the last book.  I have read them slowly and just really enjoyed my time with the sweet characters in these books.  Reading is such a sweet blessing to my life.  I prefer it to watching movies, because books can give you the inner dialog of the characters that a movie just can't do as well.  I am staying cozy and enjoying time in my little house.  I truly love living a simple life and enjoying the joy I have through Jesus.  When I put God in the center of my life, he provides a joy despite trials and hardships.  It truly is a blessing and a gift.  I hope you are enjoying some cozy quiet times this winter.  Thank you for stopping by my blog.  Hugs to you. ~Juli


  1. Aw, your sis resembles you! Handsome son :) You are blessed with a large family.
    Thank God we can find things that make our hearts happy…seems to be the little things that spark it.
    I’ve read some of that series at your recommendation….I’m stuck right now, between books.
    Keep warm in this brrrr.

  2. Love your kitchen, especially the aqua color