Friday, February 3, 2023

~A Thought In My Heart

 I have this quote hanging in my living room of our little house.  I always have liked this quote, but yesterday evening, I had a kind of light bulb moment concerning it.  This is what I want to share with you today.

I have believed our soul needs down time, but I always would fill my down time with something that I enjoyed reading or watching on YouTube.  While these things are a blessing to my life, I was not being silent.  

Yesterday evening I cracked a window in my bedroom and enjoyed the fresh breeze coming into my room.  I could hear the beautiful sound of my wind chimes gently playing their music and the quiet of it all just nourished my soul.  I enjoyed just sitting in the quiet for most of the evening.  

I have often wondered why so many of us (myself included) deal with so much anxiety now days.  I thought it was because of the state of our world, and I still believe that is certainly a factor.  However, now I believe that we no longer have quiet in our lives.  I mistakenly believed that I always had to be engaged in some sort of stimulation of the mind, even when enjoying what I would consider to be my "down time"

I now know that I need quiet, not just down time.  I need to unplug so to speak.  Yesterday evening was such a blessing to my soul to just have quiet for a time.  I believe we may overstimulate our brains by not having quiet and this is at least a contributing factor in people now days having so much stress and anxiety.  I was thinking back to days gone by and people seemed so much calmer and at peace even when dealing with hardships this world through at them.  I think what helped them is they had time for quiet and they were not constantly plugged into some kind of noise, be it physical noise or stimulation in another way.  They were not constantly doing something.  

So I have decided that I am going to make time for quiet in my life.  Time to totally unplug from all of the stimulation found around every corner in our society today.  I will prioritize quiet in my life, a concept that I was kind of missing.  I thought I would share this thought on my heart, in case it may help someone else.  I thank you for stopping by my little space.  May God keep you in His loving care.  Hugs to you.  ~Juli


  1. Charles Spurgeon, the great English preacher of the 19th (?)century said something similar. He suffered from depression as well as severe kidney disease and gout. His favorite thing to do, when he could, was walk in nature..quiet solitude and listen to the birds, breathe in fresh air, smell the earth…
    I’ve noticed lately that no noise is so good for relaxing, and -as you say-not stimulating our brains. Your fresh air and wind chimes sounds so soothing.
    Thank you for sharing~

  2. Juli, I think you have touched upon something so important and so unspoken. I agree, and I had not thought of it that way. But, yes! Overstimulation. Even sitting outside on a lovely day, our phones are right at hand. Access to music and movies and games is immediate. Thank you for sharing this! It is spot on, my friend!

  3. I loved this! Thank you! So very true and I am going to practice ‘Quiet’ daily. I started already….hubby was picking up a grandson while I waited in the car. It truly will take practice as I felt antsy waiting (15 minutes!) but I worked on staying in place and time, focusing on the sights around me, praying…ALL good! Again, thank you. Conni