Sunday, April 3, 2016

~A Snapshot of Our Week~

Sweet Lauren was sick all week, so on Saturday morning I took her to the doctor's office.  They started her on some medicine.  She is still coughing and running fever, so I pray it works soon.  Megan has been pretty sore after doing three track practices this week, but she likes track, so she doesn't mind.  She is a lot like her Daddy and is pretty good at sports.  She also had two volleyball games yesterday.  Which I missed because I had to take Lauren to the doctors.  Steven went with her, and her team won both games.  Steven seemed to enjoy April fools day this year.  He got me twice and Lauren once with tricks.  Then he would say "April Fools"  He is something else! 

We joined a video store called Family Video.  We had gone in there to buy this certain kind of candy for the children's Easter baskets.  It is the only place in town that sales Toxic Waste candy.  I just asked about how much movies were, and they were very reasonably priced.  The first month after joining all rentals are half priced and they have video games for Justin, as well as free movie rentals on certain children's movies.  I have to say they have a great selection of movies and I think it is kine of fun to go and look for a good movie to rent.  
One of the movies I rented was the new Peanuts Movie.  I am a huge Peanuts fan, so I really liked it.  I also rented a movie called The Letters about mother Teresa and I have to say it was such a wonderful movie.  Even if you are not Catholic, it is worth watching.  She was such an amazing and giving person.  

Some of our friends just recently moved out of state, and they asked if we would like their little pre-lit Christmas tree.  I've always thought it would be nice to have a tree in our down stairs family room, so we accepted.  I am purchasing decorations for it from Amazon, and now have everything but the silver star and silver wrap around tinsel.  I stick to a budget so I  get a little at a time.  I found the most beautiful tree skirt that was hand made for it.  The colors are aqua and silver.  So I'm leaving the tree up until I have all the decorations purchased for it.  Christmas is my favorite time of year, so I don't mind looking at my Christmas tree off season for a little while.  

I love Megan's little bedroom.  The vanity she has used to be mine as a child and her great grandfather re-varnished it a long time ago, before his passing.  That makes it extra special.  Her little hamster Oreo is so sweet and cute.  She is black with a white stripe on her belly.
This is Lauren's little bedroom.  She likes to get under her covers and read.  

I think this is so cute, she decorated the inside of her armoire.  She keeps her little lotions and body sprays, lip balms and nail polishes in it.  So sweet.

My week I spent doing my daily house work.  Such as driving the children places, making beds, deep cleaning, menu planning and cooking and of course laundry.  I do laundry pretty much every day.  I like the way our home feels when it is clean and tidy.  Although, we mess it up every day, it is nice to start with a freshly cleaned home.   I really enjoy cleaning and tiding our little home.  
Here are Steven and Justin this morning enjoying one of Justin's free movies.
Through the week we just do quick breakfast meals, but each Sunday morning I make us bacon and eggs.  Steven always has hot coco with marshmallows and I enjoy my cup of coffee with half and half.  It is a nice tradition our Sunday morning breakfasts.  The children eat their's later as they tend to sleep in a bit.  

That is a little snapshot of our week! 


  1. Dear Juli ... you have such a sweet and cosy home. Everything is so neat and tidy. I so enjoyed a "peek" inside. Sweetest blessings for your evening and for your week ahead. Hugs ♥ Teri

  2. Teri that is how I feel about your home! I love visiting your blog. If you and Bill ever come up our way you should let me know and stop by for a visit, I'd love to see you. Hugs to you. Juli

    1. Thanks Juli, we would love that. ♥ Hugs