Sunday, April 10, 2016

~A Snapshot of Our Week~

Justin and Lauren hung out in our little basement family room to watch a show on Amazon.  This way Daddy was free to watch his sports on the big TV!  Justin asked me to take his photo, so I happily did.
I lit my favorite scented candle, put the sound of falling rain on my computer and just enjoyed some rest and relaxation.
I went to lunch with a friend this week, and she was telling me about Amazon Prime, so we decided to try it out.  They do a one month free trial.  So far I ordered two things from my Amazon wish list and the shipping was free.  We do order from time to time on Amazon, so this may be worth it.  They also have free books for the Kindle which Lauren likes and movies and shows you can watch.  The above photo is the gental rain video I found on Amazon.  It is very soothing and the leaves with rain drops are pretty.

Justin dusted his room.  He is really good about helping me do chores around the house.
Here is Justin hugging his big sister Lauren.  So sweet!
I love the look of our recycling truck.  It is my favorite shade of turquoise.
Justin and Megan both hosted play dates this weekend.  Lauren went to see a movie with a friend and went bowling too!  
Lauren had an early morning soccer game and boy was it chilly.
Steven is coaching Justin's soccer team again.  Justin's game was in the afternoon and it was very windy, but much warmer outside.  Megan had two volleyball games this weekend as well.  I will try to take some photos of her game next weekend.
Steven and I had our weekly Qdoba lunch.  It is so yummy!

Steven and I were driving home on Saturday morning, and ran across a yard sale.  I stopped to look, and found a Christmas Goose Berry book!  So I had to go home and read it and of course put on some Christmas music on the TV via Youtube.  Yes I know it is April!

I did my weekly menu planning, shopping and cooking.  This was one of the meal I made.  Megan loves home made lasagna and home made bread.  

We had a good, yet busy week in our little home.  Hope yours was good as well!  


  1. Oh Juli, it looks like you had a lovely week. Thank you for sharing it. Hugs ♥ Teri

  2. Thanks Teri, it was a good one! Hugs ❤️