Monday, March 13, 2017

~A Peek Into Our Weekend~

Aldi's grocery store had their blueberry's on sale for just a little over $1.00 last week, so I purchased some and made some blueberry streusel muffins to go with our Sunday morning breakfast.

 This is the candle and companion wax I choose to do in our little home.  I have to say I love both the Country Candle and the wax melts.  The country candle is a line from Kringle candle that I love.  The owner of Kringle candles is the son of the man who started Yankee candle, and I have to say they preform better than the Yankee Candles do now.  I just hope they continue to expand thier scents, because I am a fan!  In case anyone was wanting to know, the wax melts are from Dillion's grocery store.
I played some Coffee House Jazz music from Youtube on our TV.  It is such a nice sounding music and goes well with Blueberry Muffins and Coffee.  
I was not happy with my under sink area, even after I had organized it last week.  I decided to add a lining on the cabinet floor and just arrange the cleaning supplies a little different.  I also cleaned the pipe.  Now, I think it looks a bit better.

I have also tweaked my kitchen cabinets a bit.
 I replaced our silverware organizer with a new one.  Our other one, we had for about 15 years and it was open on the sides so the spoons would fall into the fork area and such.  It drove me crazy, so when I was at Target last week, and I saw this one, I purchased it.  It was very reasonably priced and even had the aqua color in it that I love.  

 Aldi also had strawberries on sale for only $1.00 so I purchased three boxes.  I washed and prepped them, before putting them away.  I find this works best, so that no one is tempted to eat unwashed fruit.  I thought they looked so pretty, so I had to take a photo.  Truly little things like this make my heart sing.
I also washed and prepped some lemon slices to go into our water this week.  

We had a nice weekend.  Steven and I went on our out and about day.  We ran some errands and went to lunch.  We also went to the Library and got Justin some books for a school project and I found a book with some of Laura Ingalls Wilder's writings that I am looking forward to reading.  The house today is a normal Monday house, in much need of some TLC.  I have gotten about half of it done, so I need to do the rest, then work on some deep cleaning projects I need to do.  I am hoping to make time to do a bit of reading on my new book this afternoon.  I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Hugs.  Juli 


  1. I am in love with your silverware!!!!!
    It is so pretty...
    Love the berries and all the fresh fruit.
    I especially love how you embrace your vocation as a homemaker.
    I share your love of it too. : )
    Have a cozy week, my friend.
    P.S. Your pictures look so lovely!!!!

  2. Billie Jo, thank you for your kind comment. I truly do feel blessed to be a homemaker. It is something I would not trade for all the riches in this world. I know you are the same, your blog reflects that as well. I adore your blog! Hugs to you. Juli

  3. Thank you for sharing. Warm and cosy blessings for your week. Hugs ♥ Teri