Saturday, June 17, 2017

~A Peek Into Our Weeks~

Here is a photo of Steven and I on one of our little out & about dates.  I truly look forward to these times.  We usually drive around, go grab a bite to eat, run errands and such.  It is a nice time for us both.  
Here is a photo of the girls and my wonderful Mother the other day in Target.  Dad and Mom came and stayed a night with us.  My father helped some friends of his install a solar panel on their home in a town near us.  It was also a treat because Steve Dulany came to dinner.  Steve is a dear friend of my parents and we used to go stay at their home when I was growing up, and their family would come and stay with us from time to time as well.  I hadn't seen him since I was just a teen.  Sadly his dear wife Carolyn passed away a few years ago.  How nice it is to see people that are dear to your heart.

As always, I've been busy cooking.  Justin asked me to make him some home made cinnamon rolls the other day, so I did!
I had some ripe bananas, so I made some banana bread.  However, I accidentally put maple flavoring in it instead of vanilla.  I was very surprised that people actually still enjoyed it.  I almost just threw it away.  
Our friend Father Roger came for dinner last night.  Here is a photo of Father and the children.
He played us some very pretty songs on Lauren's guitar.  He is self taught and plays quite well.  Sadly he is going to move to a different parish this Monday.  The good thing is he will only be an hour away, so we can still get together from time to time.
Megan was wanting a cheeseburger the other day.  She only likes Braums cheeseburgers, so  here she is at Braums.  They do have very good burger's.  

Here is Justin at his Dodge ball game.  His team is as of yet undefeated.  The girls have been enjoying doing their activities as well.
Here are some apples sitting out to dry, that I had just washed.  I wash them before putting them into my fruit bowl, so that the children don't eat unwashed fruit.  I just thought they looked pretty. 
I enjoyed a cup of coffee in Lauren's new mug the other day and watched Lindsy Love's wax melt and candle video on Youtube.  
Here is Megan and one of her friends Emmy enjoying a snow cone the other day.
During one of out & about dates, Steven stopped at one of his apartments to change a fuse.  
Megan and I watched Winnie the Pooh the other afternoon.  I just love that movie. 
And this is what happened a couple of nights ago.  We had to call the electric company to get it down, so no one would be electrocuted.  Steven is going to try to fix it, but I'm not sure he will be able to.  It is sad, because the children all got a lot of use out of this.  If we can not fix it, at some point we will need to replace it.  
Well, that is a little peek into our week.  I am getting excited, because we are going to visit my family at the end of this month.  Time with our loved ones is such a gift, and I feel blessed to get to see them now and then.  Well, I am going to go and make myself a cup of coffee.  I hope you all have a good weekend.  Hugs to you.  Juli


  1. Juli,
    I am sipping a cup of coffee as I am enjoying your post. : )
    I just love keeping up with you and the happenings in your family and home.
    We are so similar, don't you think?
    Have a cozy week, my friend!!!!

  2. Hi Billie Jo! I do think we are very similar. I truly consider you one of my dear friends. I feel so blessed to know you. Hugs to you. Juli

  3. Dear Juli

    Again, I so enjoyed the peek into your week. It is always so nice to see what is going on in your home and your out and about times.

    Blessings & Hugs ♥ Teri

    1. I enjoy visiting your little blog too. It really is a nice way to keep in touch. ❤️