Wednesday, March 8, 2017

~A Peek Into Our Week~

Our little laundry room is finally done.  I really do not iron very often, so I thought I would use my ironing board as a little table to bring in some cozy touches.  

Here is the wall art that I got with the Hobby Lobby gift card that my cousin Teri gave to me.  Now I will always think of her when I see it!
Here is the wall art that I already had for my laundry room.  I grouped them together, and they work much nicer this way.
Here are the items that I have on my dryer.  The little book is actually a little box that I can put coins, buttons and any other little thing I find while doing the laundry.
I replaced my old broken baskets with these new ones from Walmart.  I love that they say Laundry inside.  So cute!
Like always, we have been making a lot of iced tea in our little home.

I have been burning one of my favorite lemon candles in our little kitchen.  I have quite a few back ups, so that I don't run out of this one any time soon.  
I've been enjoying this candle in our upstairs bathroom.  It is from DW home and has a nice iced tea smell.  
I took the girls to Alie's Deli for brunch on Saturday morning.

While we were down town, we stopped into Smith's market.  Such a neat little store.  Megan liked this pig.  Any time I see a pig I think of my sister Tricia.  She loves pigs.

I'm thinking the next time my parents visit us, I will have to take my mom to Smith's market, because their tea selection is awesome.
The girls wanted their photo taken in front of this shop, so I obliged!
I watched the movie Under the Tuscon Sun.  It is a good one. 
Steven took me out to lunch, but the K-state game was on so the conversation was not so good...

This is pretty much how the lunch date went.  So I told him I felt as if we had not even gone on a date, so he took me out for lunch the following day, and it was much nicer!  What a wonderful husband. 
Megan had her friend Gianna stay the night and this is what they made for breakfast.  French toast with a little Nuttella, fresh strawberries and a bit of powdered sugar.  It was yummy!  I am pretty much done with my organizing for now, so today I can actually take a bit of a break and maybe get some reading in.  I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Hugs.  Juli


  1. Juli,
    Your Laundry Room is beautiful!!!
    You have a wonderful knack for decorating. : )
    Enjoy your afternoon of reading.
    I think I may do the same.
    Always love visiting you here...
    And just a thought...
    Have you considered enlarging your pictures here?
    They are so lovely!

    1. I would love to make the pictures larger. Do you know if you do that through the blog, or through your computer?

    2. Ok, so here is how I do it...
      Through Blogger...
      After I add my pictures and finish my post, I go back and click on each picture.
      A little blue box comes up and with different sizes and I choose the extra large choice. : )

    3. Thanks Billie Jo, I will give it a try! Hugs

  2. Oh Juli, I love your laundry room. Mine is just off of our kitchen. It is small and I love to make it homey and fun to be in. It seems as if I spend a lot of time there. I love your new sign and your laundry basket is so cute. Allie's Deli looks like my kind of place. How fun! Smith's Market sounds wonderful too. I love unique shops in little towns that we visit. If we get out your way, I will keep these on my "To See" list. Well, if the conversation was not so much, the food looks delicious. HE!HE! We are blessed with wonderful husbands. Enjoy your afternoon. Hugs ♥ Teri

    1. Teri, I once saw a photo you posted of your laundry room, and that was what gave me the idea to make it homey. You had a little quilted topper I believe with a lamp. It has been years ago that I saw the photo, so I don't remember perfectly. :) Hugs.

  3. Billie Jo, it worked!!! Thank you so very much!